Collection: Cosplay - costume and attribute creation.

Here are some recommended paints depending on your projects, the surface and application.

I’ll start with the Createx latex adhesion promoter 5092 since it is specifically designed for latex masks. This product can also be added to the rest of the Illustration line or any line of Createx paints for extra flexibility and added adhesion promotion.

The Autoborne sealers would be great for direct to metal or most of the harder surface applications you plan on painting. They have sealers that are clear and multiple different colors as well.

The newest line of Createx UVLS Clears gives you various options as well. The 4050 is a gloss clear. This can be used as a topcoat once you’re finished painting for protection. Once cured, they can be top coated with a 2K clear if desired. 4050 is also an adhesion promoter/primer before painting. This is a better option for more flexible surfaces and more universal for all kinds of substrates. The 4050 can be added to the paints as an additive for a stronger bond as well.

Createx also offers the 4051 satin, the 4052 matte and the 4053 which is a higher gloss than the 4050.

The 4050 is also the carrier for the candy colors which brings me to my next line of paints the candy2O colors. These are more of a transparent dye the has all kinds of cool uses and color combinations to be able to create your own unique color. These are good for tinting an object of making an existing color more vibrant. The most common ground coats for these would be a metallic silver or gold backdrop with the possibilities being endless.

The Illustration line are some of the finest colors for your projects for art to fine details on your costume. They work well with lower psi levels and are heavily pigmented for great coverage and transparency to make some nice smooth blends. These colors can also be “soft erased” for up to 48hrs.

Createx offers the Bloodline series designed by Tim Gore for your monster making or horror themed colors like scars and cuts.

The Lifeline series is geared more towards skin tones and lifelike objects for that natural feel.

For most of your needs and airbrushing the Wicked colors are the most universal for all your applications. If you have applied the Autoborne sealer or the 4050 as a base, then these will stick to just about anything! They offer everything from Opaque paints to Pearls, Metallics transparents or Fluorescents. Such a wide range of colors gives you any combination of colors you can think of.

If you’re not sure where to start a primary set is always a good place. A set like this will let you be able to make any color of the rainbow. I recommend a good color wheel with settings to help mix the paints in the right direction.

Here at Spraygunner, we also offer the ChromaAir line of water-based acrylic urethanes. We have worked with Createx to have a line developed for us that we are happy with. We test and develop new colors all the time. Some of our newest colors are the metallics and effect colors we are excited about. Chromaair is also a very universal paint as well. It can be used along with and of the Createx paints as well.

We used to offer airbrushing classes in the ChromaAir studio until Covid hit so we hope to start these back up again soon! We had great artists from all over the country visit and teach a course leaving you with a piece of art of your own.

If you are painting pictures on fabrics like T-shirts the 4004 transparent base works best for this. The heat setting procedure will help it last longer. For other hard to paint surfaces the 4050 mixed with 4011 for materials like leather, vinyl, synthetic fibers or plastic works great.

Please refer to the guides under TDS for the correct application to learn more about proper procedures for mixing ratios and curing times. Createx is very helpful and informative if you haven’t used many water-based paints in the past.

Another nice product in our lineup for fabrics is the Feibings leather dyes. They are easy to use, dry fast and very durable. All kinds of colors are available along with the dyes as well as topcoats to protect the finish. The Deglazer is a great product to remove any factory finish or contaminant to begin your project.

Feel free to reach out to us at anytime with your questions or concerns and our Spraygunner support team will do our best to help you.