Collection: SprayGunner's Discount Club

SprayGunner's Club is a subscription-based program for those who shop with us often!

It will save $ over a year and pay for itself with some additional discounts on selected groups of products and on top of that, the Club Member will receive 4 mystery boxes with some goodies from us. 

You can purchase it here.

More details follow:

 Club Benefits:

- Monthly discounts on a selected product list (can be from 3 products to a wide range of goods). Discount % will vary, from 7% and up. Product selection will change every calendar month. YES, rewards/coupon codes can be used on top of this discount for further savings.

- Mystery box every quarter. Free shipping for US members. 4 times a year we will ship out a box with goods to our Club Members. It can be something small or something significant. No one knows what’s inside or when exactly it will be shipped – that’s exactly why it called Mystery Box. One thing is certain is that with one year subscription you will get 4 mystery boxes and we will try to make them awesome! 

- 20% off any SprayGunner merch

- Limited edition merch will become available for Club Members starting 2022 (yes, also with 20% discount). 

- There will be another perk for our Club Members which we cannot disclose just yet, but it is a part of a project we are actively working on. Stay tuned!

We will keep you in the loop! After subscribing to the Club, your email will be added to our special database and monthly notifications will be sent out informing you about new discounts and updates.

Please note: we designed this program for our loyal customers who will benefit and save $ on future orders with monthly discounts we plan. This program not meant for someone to use discount for resale purposes or buying for others, that is why we limit shipping addresses per customer. If more than 2 shipping addresses used within a year, membership could be subject of removal.

No exchange of the mystery box contents.

**No returns for the club membership.**

We will NOT keep your card info on file and we are not going to charge you a renewal fee without your permission. For the next year of payment, we will have a teammate reach out to you from our Florida office and invoice via PayPal if you would like to continue the membership. That is SprayGunner’s way. No hidden fees or overcharges here. Ever.

This is a beta version of the Club concept, and we may make some adjustments, potentially adding even more benefits. This is a good way to get early access to exclusive SprayGunner products and promotions.

We will limit the # of memberships sold. Please don't be upset if it's unavailable. We will reopen subscription when we're ready for more members!