Badger Airbrush Co is a company that has built its strong reputation thanks to their specific set of values.

This company manufactures airbrush products at reasonable price. Most of their products are made in the USA at their facility in Chicago. Wide variety of models to choose from. SprayGunner focuses only on the newest and best: we supply Patriot 105 and Extreme Patriot airbrushes, Renegade and Renegade Krome, as well as their top of the line series Sotar 20/20. Another thing that makes Badger Airbrush a good choice is the fact that they’ve been operating for more than 45 years making them one of the oldest companies in this industry. SprayGunner provides full warranty support for the Badger airbrush we sell and doing our best to deliver each purchase to our customers with the lightning speed! 

If you'd like to know which airbrush from Badger selection (or any other brand) would be the best for your project - feel free to reach out to SprayGunner Customer Service. Our team of experiences painters are here to help you make the right choice!