• Tutorial set "American Eagle"

    Tutorial set "American Eagle"

    Tutorial kit "American Eagle" includes all colors, stencils and other accessories needed to follow our video tutorial and paint Eagle + Flag project.  Airbrush is NOT included in this kit. If...
  • 4th of July celebration set

    This listing will be active for 48 hours or less, depends on activity (limited stock available) Includes 2 oz of each: Createx UVLS Clear matte 4052, White, Blue and Red colors from ChromaAir paints...
  • GSI Creos Mr.Color Aqueous Thinner

    GSI Creos Mr. Hobby

    $5.00 - $13.00
    GSI Creos Mr. Hobby Aqueous Thinner Aqueous Hobby Color is a paint line newly reformulated in 2020 and aimed to be a safer paint with a higher degree of user friendliness.Aqueous Hobby Color...