Collection: Fine Art & Illustration Airbrushes & Equipment

So, why airbrushing?

Airbrushing allows for more precise control with things like drying times, paint coverage, gradients, color blending, and they are extremely efficient on paint due to atomization. Whether you are an illustrator creating art pieces made to be reproduced, or an artist who paints one of a kind pieces, airbrushing can open up a door to achieve new heights with your artwork. If you are an artist who focuses on photo-realism then you probably already know of a few famous artists whose main tool was the airbrush. The airbrush allows for unparalleled photo-realistic art due to its ability to create such fine lines and detail, while also offering the ability to create gradients that just can't be matched with a typical paint brush. Of course, you can always use a combination of brush painting and airbrushing to achieve your desired effect. The airbrush is a versatile tool that can be used simply to spray large background areas quickly, or to spray hair-thin lines. There are so many possibilities when it comes to art and airbrushing, if you combine airbrushing with brush painting the possibilities are endless.

What do you need?

  • An Airbrush - This ultimately comes down to personal preference, but generally speaking there are a few things to think of when buying an airbrush for Fine Art & Illustration.
    • What Size pieces do you generally work on?
    • How long are you using the airbrush every day?
    • What will be the main purpose for the airbrush - large area coverage or fine detail work?
    • There are some brushes out there that can help you accomplish more than 1 job such as the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity line which allows you to switch out needle/nozzle sets to spray at different sizes. The GSI Creos PS-771, as well as their Platinum line(PS-270 & PS-289) are a more cost friendly route to go, but still offer a high quality spray.
  • A Compressor
    • When it comes to your artwork and the amount of time you spend on each piece, you probably don't want to cut any corners. A Compressor with a tank, such as the NO-NAME Brand Tooty Compressor will offer you all of the power you need while also delivering consistent air pressure. If you were to buy a compressor without a tank you will see pulsations in the air flow which causes the product being sprayed to not distribute evenly which in turn can quickly ruin your work.
  • Paints & Accessories
    • There are many paints you can use with your airbrush, here are our top recommendations:
      • Createx Wicked Colors - Water-Based, Many Colors to choose from.
      • Createx Illustration Colors - Water-Based, Slower Dry time to help with scratching and erasing.
    • Accessories
      • Erasers
      • Hobby Blades for Scratching
      • Synthetic Paper
      • Stencils for basic shapes
      • Masking Tape