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Tiktok blowing up coupled with Instagram has made it possible for anyone to become a model, and there isn't a better time to give it your all to looking as good as you can. As a barber, whether you're in it for the payment or the love of the job, there's no better feeling than having your customer walk away with a smile and feeling confident after an excellent cut.

As a rule of thumb, the easiest way to get to an intended and satisfactory result is by surrounding yourself with the right equipment for the job. And that's where barber airbrushes come in.

Like most things, beauty, haircuts, and trims are all a game of appearance and color perception. With a barber-airbrush, you have at your disposal the ability to make use of hair spray to bring the most out of your customers' hair beauty.

Barber airbrushes have been around for a while, and with them, you can show your customers elements of their beauty they didn't even know existed. That said, here are some of the things that help you understand further why barber airbrushes may be your next move to jazz up your craft and have a name in the market.

How Do Barber Airbrushes Work?

Most barber airbrushes are straightforward machines. They have a compact design and are light and small enough to fit in one hand. Usually, you’d have air hose attached to it leading to an air compressor sitting somewhere on a floor nearby. But that changed in 2019 with arrival of cordless airbrush technology.

It became so simple and affordable, that every barber nowadays must have one portable airbrush in their tool arsenal!

Just check it out. There are 2 convenient models:

First offers a combination of airbrush and rechargeable compressor as a single tool. It’s easy to hold, even easier to store – no airbrush holder needed, the cordless airbrush just stands on any flat surface. To start spraying you just add paint into gravity-feed paint cup and press/pull the trigger. When done, clean it and put away. 45 minutes continues run on a single charge; re-charging is as simple as plug-in to any USB port.




Second options is a similar compressor but this time it detached from the airbrush. Comes with a braided air hose and allows you to use multiple airbrush models with it. Simply choose the airbrush you like with nozzle size up to 0.4mm, attach it to the rechargeable cordless compressor and press/pull the trigger! This option allows you to put compressor in a pocket or hold it in the other hand, while using airbrush with less weight and more maneuverability.

Both NO-NAME models offer a very important feature: auto-off function. The airbrush compressor will shut-off when you stop spraying and start automatically when you pull the trigger again. This saves battery life, longevity of the mechanism, noise and vibrations. We work directly with he manufacturer who patented this technology and it’s not available on the most other brand products on the market.

Barber Airbrush Tips For Beginners

Like every other thing, barber airbrushing can be intimidating both to the barber and to the customer when experienced for the first time. Like the barber, it is paramount that you take some time to learn how to operate the machine and get familiar with it before trying it out on your trusting customers.

Here are some tips to help you out as you include the airbrush as part of your barber arsenal


  1. Clean is the way to go

While the airbrush doesn't have as many moving parts as the hair clipper, there's still a need for you to clean and service the airbrush regularly. One of the most common failures of barber airbrushes is caused by clogs in the spraying mechanism.

  1. Practice and then practice more

There's no sad thing as losing a customer due to having done a lousy job on them. As with other parts of your craft, you should purposefully work towards getting as good as you can before trying it out on your customers. One way to do this is to learn from fellow barbers who have more experience with the airbrushes or seek tutorials and courses online on using the airbrush effectively.

  1. Ask around for options on paints

At times, paint types can be a tricky affair, especially with many hair spray available in the market. When picking out colors to use, key points to note should be how sensitive your customer's skin may be about the paint.

  1. Start small

Before testing out your skills on the detail-intensive clients and haircuts, try out on more minor demanding settings like spraying on bald spots forming in the middle of the head. This way, you'll progressively learn how to apply different shades of hair spray paints and attain the intended results.

  1. Invest in protective gear

Of importance here are nitryl gloves to be used anytime you're working with the airbrush. This is because the paints can easily stain your fingers. And while the color comes off after a thorough wash, you wouldn't want to stain the rest of your equipment or workstation.

Why The Need For A Barber Airbrush?

While most people take pride in sporting their hair all-natural, some aren't as lucky, both in terms of growing hair or maintaining it once it's grown.
A barber-airbrush isn't only limited to bringing out that perfect beard or haircut. You can use a barber-airbrush to correct mild hair loss by masking out patches of uneven hair growth alongside various other products. You can also use the airbrush alongside other products like hair corrector powders to make corrections in receding hairline or baldness.

Barber Airbrush Sets To Help Spice Up Your Craft

Different barber-airbrush designs and brands exist in the market right now and parts like the electrically powered airbrush compressor. Of all the other available options, one feature is almost a market standard that of cordless airbrush.

Notable of the cordless airbrush is the NO-NAME white and black battery-powered airbrush kits. These are as convenient and easy to use as barber airbrushes due to their portability and sleek design.

Regardless of their small size, the NO-NAME cordless barber airbrushes can be used for a relatively long time without overheating. They are light on the hands and come packed with batteries that can last several uses on a full charge.