Collection: Cosmetics / Nails Airbrushes & Equipment

So, why airbrushing?

For starters- from a practical standpoint, using an airbrush for Cosmetics makes the process easier and 
can even produce better results. Unlike the traditional method of dabbing product onto your skin, with an
airbrush you are able to spray a fine concentration of mist, applying your makeup evenly across your
skin and avoiding ‘clumps’ or patches of uneven makeup. Another huge advantage in the application of
airbrushed makeup is instead of rubbing product into your skin and clogging up your pores, the mist is
sprayed lightly and falls across the top of your skin, much less obtrusively.

Furthermore, when airbrushing- you have more control over how sheer or full the coverage of your
makeup is; eliminating the need to use product with too dark of a pigmentation. The light application of
makeup with an airbrush allows you to minimize imperfections in your skin and provides your skin with
a natural, yet finished look.

What do you need?

  •  An Airbrush
    •  Typically for cosmetic applications you will need an airbrush with a nozzle size between 0.30 – 0.50 mm. Anything smaller will be too narrow of a spray and any larger is too wide for a face.
  • A Compressor
    • For cosmetic applications, you will stay under 20 PSI. Most prefer to operate between 9-12 PSI but this will depend on your equipment and product you are using. Anything over 20 PSI can be harmful to the eyes or skin
    • You have a choice between a tankless compressor and one with a tank
      • Tankless compressors take up less space and are great for the artist on-the-go, but they do not deliver as consistent of an air flow as a compressor with a tank. They will often have pulsations in the air flow which could lead to uneven distribution of the product being sprayed. These pulsations can be minimized with the use of a coiled air hose. The motor will run every time you press the trigger of the airbrush and shut off every time you release the trigger which means you will only be able to use them for a certain amount of time before letting the motor cool down.
      • Compressors with a tank generally have a larger footprint but deliver consistent air flow without pulsations. The tank gets rid of pulsations, but it also somewhat acts as a moisture trap stopping some of the unwanted moisture from entering your air hose. The motor will not run every time you press the trigger, but when it does turn on it will run until it reaches the "auto-off" pressure.
  • Makeup Product (specific for airbrushing)
    • It is important that you use product specified for airbrushing for two reasons. Regular cosmetic product could clog your airbrush or get stuck and break one of the smaller parts inside the brush. Also, using the wrong product could be harmful to your skin as well.