Automotive paint or Auto Paint is a category of our online catalog where we keep spray gun-ready automotive-grade paints, clear coats, and other sprayable materials.

One of the highest standards in painting is set by the automotive market. Requirements are high for both: auto and motorcycle paint. Cars are exposed to UV (sun) light, weather, all kinds of road chemicals, and other aggressive and harmful for paint events. At the same time, an incredibly competitive market desires long-lasting and perfect finishes on vehicles. To meet these standards, one needs 3 main attributes: 1. Skills. 2. Right materials. 3. Good equipment.

In this category you will find some great options for 2. part.

Most of automotive paints are widely used in many different industries. Being car-ready is a set standard of quality, but that doesn’t limit these products from being sprayed over gaming consoles, bicycles, movie props, recreational and other vehicles, souvenirs, art works, and hundreds of other areas.

Here at SprayGunner, we carry everything needed for custom painting automotive or motorcycle project. Water-based and solvent paints, HS and UHS clears, primers and sealers, solid colors and special effect. If you need assistance choosing the right set of materials for your project, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service!