Discover the Yakumo Weathering Series by Mig Jiménez

Discover the Yakumo Weathering Series by Mig Jiménez


In the world of scale modeling and miniature painting, achieving realistic weathering effects is key to bringing your projects to life. The Yakumo Weathering Series, a collaboration between renowned modeler Mig Jiménez and the prestigious Japanese brand Mr. Hobby, is designed to simplify and enhance the weathering process. This exclusive line includes a variety of products like filters, acrylics, and pigments, each curated to create stunning effects with ease.

The Yakumo Weathering Series: An Overview

The Yakumo series is divided into four distinct sets, each tailored for specific types of vehicles and weathering effects. Let’s dive into what each set offers:

Set A - Western Front Vehicles: Set A is perfect for modeling vehicles destined for the Western Front. It allows you to replicate summer dust, dry mud, and other environmental effects with precision.

Set B - Winter Camouflage: This set is designed for vehicles with winter camouflage. It helps you create realistic whitewashed effects, perfect for simulating winter conditions.

Set C - Africa Corps Vehicles: Set C focuses on vehicles deployed in Africa. It includes everything you need to mimic the effects of washes, dirt, and large accumulations of dust typical of desert environments.

Set D - General Effects for German WWII Vehicles: Set D is a versatile set that can be applied to most German vehicles from WWII. It includes a range of general weathering effects to enhance the realism of your models.

A Closer Look: World War II Eastern Front Set B

Let’s explore Set B, which is specifically designed for WWII Eastern Front vehicles. This set includes a comprehensive array of products to achieve stunning winter weathering effects. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use these products effectively:

Step 1: Priming and Base Color Start by priming your model with One Shot Gray Primer. Once primed, apply Dunkelgelb from the AMMO range as your base color. For added depth, mix in a few drops of matte white and apply modulation to highlight areas exposed to more light, leaving shadowed areas in the base color.

Step 2: Chipping Effects Next, airbrush a generous layer of Scratches Effects. After about 20 minutes, apply a coat of matte white. After 15 minutes, use a brush dipped in water to lift the paint and create chipping, focusing on edges and decals. For finer scratches, a toothpick can be used.

Step 3: Washable White Layer After an hour of drying, airbrush another thin layer of Washable White. Use a brush to remove some of the paint, leaving small drips and revealing underlying layers.

Step 4: Detailing with Winter Wash Protect the surface with a thin coat of Aqua Gloss Clear. Use Winter Wash to outline all the details of the model. The wash works by capillarity, filling recesses and creating depth. Remove excess wash with a brush moistened with Mr. Hobby Thinner, either blending or completely removing it to simulate dirt residues.

Step 5: Streaking Grime For streaking effects, use Winter Streaking Grime. Apply vertical strokes from the top of the model and, after 40 minutes of drying, drag the product downward with a brush dipped in thinner. This creates realistic streaking, especially effective on engine covers.

Step 6: Chipping and Scratches Using Set D, simulate chipping and scratches with a fine brush in areas most exposed to wear. Combine this with the sponge technique for variety and added realism.

Step 7: Pigments and Mud Effects For a subtle powdery look, apply Dry Earth pigment from Set B. Fix the pigment with a few drops of thinner and let it dry. For mud effects, mix Fresh Dark Mud with Dry Earth pigment and thinner. Apply splashes using a toothpick and brush, focusing on the mudguard area. Blend or remove some effects with a brush dipped in thinner. For heavier accumulations, use Fresh Dark Mud directly.

Step 8: Rust and Grease Effects Rust effects can be created using the Rust product from the Yakumo Basic Set. Apply it to the vehicle’s exhausts and other areas prone to rust. Blend with a brush dipped in thinner for varied shades and textures. For grease and fuel effects, use products from Set D. Apply around fuel caps to simulate spills and blend as needed.

The Yakumo Weathering Series makes achieving professional weathering effects accessible and straightforward. Each set is designed to enhance your modeling experience, providing the tools you need to create stunning, realistic models.

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