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Reserve your spot for this incredible event, limited seating! Drinks & Snacks will be provided for attendees. 

Schedule of Events:

10:00 AM - Master Class Starts

12:00 PM - Master Class Breaks

2:00 PM - Book Presentation

3:30-500 PM - Hang out Time

Location: Spraygunner Headquarters 221 Douglas Rd E, Oldsmar, FL 34677

Grow your scale model car painting skills with "How to Paint Scale Cars" book by Nestor Espinoza. This hardcover book packed with expert advice and detailed techniques. The book, supported by SprayGunner and published by AMMO by Mig, offers a comprehensive guide to painting and adding weathering effects to scale model cars. From the renowned Nestor Espinoza, the book demonstrates the entire painting process and the materials required for a flawless finish.

The AMIG-6298 book features detailed instructions and color illustrations for six iconic car models:

  • Maserati 250F - Juan Manuel Fangio
  • McLaren MP4/7 - Ayrton Senna
  • Shelby Cobra 427 Caravan - Carrol Shelby
  • Ferrari 250 GTO 1962 - Enzo Ferrari
  • Auto Union Type D 1938 - Tazio Nuvolari
  • Mercedes Benz 300SL “Barn Find”

All these models are on display at SprayGunner's Florida facility so if you're in the area - make sure to stop by and check them out! We include pictures of some of them in this listing.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced modeler, this guide will empower you to create stunning, realistic replicas of legendary cars. The easy-to-follow instructions and professional insights make this book a must-have for anyone passionate about scale model car painting.

What to expect from A.MIG6298 scale modeling book:

Expert Insights: Nestor Espinoza shares his extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of scale model painting, providing readers with the techniques and methods to achieve professional results.

Detailed Instructions: The book offers step-by-step instructions for painting and weathering, complete with illustrations to guide you through the process.

Comprehensive Guide: From the preparation of materials to the final weathering effects, the book covers every aspect of scale model car painting, making it an invaluable resource for modelers.

High-Quality Presentation: The hardcover format ensures durability and a high-quality presentation, making it a lasting addition to your collection of modeling guides.

Transform your scale model car painting skills with the guidance of Nestor Espinoza. Order your copy of "How to Paint Scale Cars" now at SprayGunner and enhance your collection of modeling guides. This book is an essential resource for modelers of all levels. With detailed instructions, expert insights, and high-quality presentation, it offers everything you need to create stunning, realistic scale model cars. 

AMIG6298 How to Paint Scale Cars book is an indispensable guide for painting, lacquering, and weathering cars and vehicles of any scale, including race cars, motorcycles, and other civil vehicles.
In this book, our teammate Nestor Espinosa explains in-detail how to easily apply each technique and effect, along with tips for achieving ultra-realistic results using methods accessible to both: beginner and expert modelers.

About the author:

Nestor Espinoza's journey into scale modeling began at the age of six with a Christmas gift from his godmother, mistakenly believed to be a puzzle. This first model, assembled with his father's help, ignited a lifelong passion. Nestor's enthusiasm grew through the influence of a neighbor, Mr. Luis Jáuregui, an exceptional modeler and mentor.

Throughout his life, Nestor found a sense of community and inspiration among fellow modelers, forming lasting friendships and deep connections. His fascination with the detailed stories behind each model, especially in motorsports, led him to explore icons like Ayrton Senna, Enzo Ferrari, and Juan Manuel Fangio.

A significant turning point came when Nestor collaborated with Carlos Cuesta of AMMO by Mig Jiménez to create a book on motorsports modeling. This project inspired the development of the Cobra Motor Paint line. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, Nestor and his wife relocated to the United States, bringing only their essentials and his models.

In the U.S., Nestor found support at SprayGunner, a family business passionate about scale models. Their support allowed him to showcase his work at IPMS USA NATIONALS and other scale-model shows and connect with other enthusiasts. This project, which helped Nestor through challenging times, is a testament to his perseverance and dedication.

Nestor Espinoza's story is one of passion, community, and the joy of creating meaningful art through scale modeling. His work continues to inspire and motivate fellow modelers to pursue their dreams.

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