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Ultra 2024 Airbrush Kit for Miniatures with Cool Tooty

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Ultra Airbrush Kit for Miniatures Painting - All The Essentials to start Airbrushing in One Kit

The Ultra Airbrush Kit for Miniatures with Cool Tooty is the ultimate essential kit for all miniature and wargaming enthusiasts who want to take their paint jobs to the next level. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter, this kit has everything you need to start airbrushing your minis with precision and ease.

The ULTRA 2024 brings all of Harder & Steenbeck’s huge investments into their engineering over the last 5 years into focus with a game changing set of features.

It will support your first sessions, and it retains and builds on their reputation for creating highly refined, yet reliable and user-friendly airbrushes which can paint to the very highest level of artistry.

Harder & Steenbeck’s modular system means that if you wish to upgrade your front end to a higher detail set-up later, even the famed FineLine head system from the Infinity airbrush can be used on your Ultra.

The airbrush comes with a new 0.45mm head set, which supercedes the detail capability of the previous 0.4mm headset whilst offering greater user friendliness, and painting versatility. And of course, in true H&S spirit, the new system is fully backwardly compatible for those of you who already own H&S airbrushes.

You’ll enjoy the practicality of the supplied 5ml cup, but if you want to have uninterrupted line of sight for a high detail feature, simply remove the 5m cup and enjoy the integrated micro-cup socket within the airbrush body for small amounts of colour.

It is recommend to use any single piston compressor capable of running an airbrush up to approximately 25psi.

To ensure a consistent and pulsation-free airflow, the kit includes the NO-NAME Cool Tooty compressor. This compressor is equipped with a filter and gauge and has a 3L air tank, providing you with a reliable and uninterrupted air supply for your airbrushing needs.

The kit also comes with a Harder & Steenbeck Quick Coupling or a Grex G-MAC Quick Coupling, depending on availability. These couplings allow for easy and secure connection between the airbrush and the compressor, ensuring a hassle-free airbrushing experience.

Cleaning your airbrush is made easy with the included cleaning brush set, while the 100 mixing cups, 5 stir sticks, and 10 pipettes allow for precise paint mixing and color experimentation.

Before reaching your hands, every NO-NAME Brand Compressor in this kit is meticulously inspected and tested in our warehouse in Tampa, FL. This ensures that you receive a high-quality and reliable compressor that will meet your airbrushing needs.

Upgrade your miniature painting game with the Ultra Airbrush Kit for Miniatures with Cool Tooty. With all the essentials included in one convenient kit, you'll be able to achieve professional-level paint jobs on your minis with ease and confidence.


  • Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2024
  • Great choice to start with! High quality airbrush for an affordable price. Same self-centering nozzle used on the higher rank models (exchangeable with Evolution, Grafo, Infinity).
  • NO-NAME Cool Tooty Compressor - Equipped with Filter and Gauge. 3L air tank to provide consistent air flow (no pulsations).
  • Harder & Steenbeck Quick Coupling 1/8" with Valve or Grex G-MAC Quick Coupling 1/8" with valve depending on availability.
  • NO-NAME 1/8" - 1/8" Braided air hose
  • Airbrush holder (simpy attach it to the air regulator on the compressor)
  • Cleaning Brush Set
  • 100 Mixing Cups
  • 5 Stir Sticks
  • 10 Pipettes

Customer Reviews

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David Spivack
Awesome Bundle

This set is absolutely perfect. I am new to airbrushing and got this set. It came super fast, well packed and had directions for all the contents that were easy to follow. The compressor and gun are both well made and work absolutely perfect. I'm painting my Ultramarines with ease and couldn't be happier. Thank you so much!

Intro airbrush and compressor

This is an absolutely amazing setup if you're looking to get into airbrushing. While the H&S ultra lacks a few features of the higher end brushes, for the price you simply can't beat it. I may consider upgrading to the infinity someday, but I can't recommend this setup enough!

Trucker Presley
Convenient and quality bundle

This bundle definitely great for a beginner or pro. Its also convenient having everything put together rather than going out and searching for a brush or compressor separate. Spraygunner is a certified Harder and Steenbeck dealer also. Much appreciation to Rob and the Spraygunner crew for putting this together