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Super Cool Tooty OS Air Compressor by NO-NAME Brand

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Regular price $195.00 USD
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Super Cool Tooty OS Airbrush Air Compressor by NO-NAME Brand

This brand-new Super Cool Tooty Compressor is like our awesome original Cool Tooty but on steroids. Designed with POWER in mind, this compressor delivers incredible airflow and is ideal for use with mini paint spray guns such as our NO-NAME Minigun.

It has a cooling fan on top of the block to ensure proper cooling for the additional power that this motor generates.

This compressor can be used as air supply for up to 4 regular airbrushes (such as iwata HP-CS) working simultaneously!


  • Oil Free Design,
  • Voltage/Frequency: 110V/60Hz
  • Power 440W
  • Rotating Speed: 1700 RPM
  • Air Displacement: 48L/min/1.7Scfm
  • Pressure control switch: ON: 5 Bar, Off: 6 Bar
  • Air tank volume: 4L
  • Air outlet connections: G1/4
  • Net weight: 16.8 lbs

Made in China, quality control in Florida, USA.

Customer Reviews

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R.E. Klaus
Super Cool Tooty OS Air Compressor by NO-NAME Brand

Amazing airbrush compressor. In my opinion, this unit is the perfect balance between noise level and power. While the pricepoint of this unit may be higher than previous rooty tooty the power and features this unit delivers easily make up the difference.

Previous airbrush compressors always had me conscious of air volume in fear of pulsations running the art piece. Waiting for that moment when I needed to stop spraying or get uneven paint spray took away from the fun of painting.

Nice features to note from a technical perspective would be the electro magnetic solenoid valve which acts as a pilot unloader valve which prolongs the life of the unit allowing it to start under no load condition. This feature is the reason you will hear a small puff of air after the tank is full.

The cooling fan(s) only run when the unit itself is compressing air.

The black threaded sphere is metal and contains a small air filter for the air intake further prolonging the life of the unit.

I have not had the unit long enough to say it is perfect but having been around numerous air compressors I believe this unit will be my airbrush compressor of choice for years to come.