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Cordless airbrush battery powered compressor with airbrush kit

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Portable airbrush with cordless micro-compressor. Battery powered. Rechargeable via USB. 2 batteries.

New model for 2024. With 2 batteries and awesome BD-180 airbrush now standard! It allows you to adjust air pressure for full control over your painting.

If you look around, you'll see a few different options for cordless airbrush compressors. Some sell with unbelievable specifications, saying they will work for hours while delivering 15 LPM at 32 PSI (see our Starting Guide if you are not familiar with these terms).

We've tested the majority of models on the market in this style of compressor - some run non-stop for only 25 min, some overheat even faster than the battery dies. MOST of the alternatives out there are single action type, which means that you'll turn them on by hitting the on/off switch and it will stay on until you hit the power switch again.

What we are offering is different - here are our honest specs:

- It has an auto on/off function. You don't have to press the power button. Just use the airbrush as you would use any other double-action airbrush:
1. Press the trigger down for air, and the cordless compressor will automatically start.
2. Pull the trigger backwards, and paint flow will join the air.

- It comes with 2 batteries so one can be charging while you're using the second one for non-stop work.

- When fully charged, it will constantly run for over 30 minutes.

- Static pressure up to 32 PSI. When operating, it delivers 8-9 LPM with a max pressure of 20-25 PSI. **We recommend this set for gravity feed airbrushes with a 0.4mm nozzle or smaller. **

It has an LED indicator to show the charge level, which means a low battery won't surprise you.

- The compressor by itself weighs in at 7 ounces

- The compressor can be used for long periods without over-heating

- This Cordless Compressor has a Type-C USB charging port which is standard on many phones and other devices these days. Even if the compressor's charging cord is missing, it's easy to find a compatible charging option almost anywhere.

- We estimate 1.5-2 hour work period for this compressor on a single charge, considering that when working on a project, the airbrush will be turned on and off constantly with pauses for color changes and cleaning.

- 1 Year Limited Warranty.

- BD-180 airbrush with air regulator included.

Portable airbrushes with cordless compressor is a good solution for those who want to get into airbrushing without a significant investment. Keep it for small projects and it will become a good companion for airbrushing needs. It is also a perfect secondary compressor for professionals of all industries - even those who are doing large-scale projects such as murals. Imagine a situation where a large piece of artwork was done, and a few weeks after; you get a call to come in and fix a little scratch. It's an easy task, made even easier if you have your cordless airbrush in your pocket!

Made in China, quality inspected in Florida, USA.

Customer Reviews

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Jaime Mitts
Great airbrush!

Fantastic product

Excellent for beginners

It's comfortable to use either with the hose or attached directly. I combined it with the Atom Smartpaints. Had to adjust the gun to be as open as possible for the best coverage though. It still only worked while I was no more than 1 inch from the model. Would probably work better using some flow improver considering the low psi.

Great for a beginner

I bought a very cheap comparable product on Amazon. It broke after the first use. I did some research and ended up with this. What an upgrade!
I absolutely love the "idle" feature, and the swappable batteries. The gun itself is way better than the one from Amazon.
Very pleased!

Universal Cordless Airbrush Compressor By NO-NAME Brand

While I have not had this little unit long for small scale temples and shading their backgrounds the Cordless Airbrush Set with Battery Powered Compressor 2023 model has been very enjoyable to use. Primarily I have used Createx'sillustration paints (unreduced sprays great on the high and low settings. I find myself often only using the high setting when shading backgrounds. The pressure and overall quality has been noticeably increased from the original product release a few years ago.

Jonathan Lara
Feels better than my lost model

I've had one of the previous models that I have been using since 2022. I used it pretty regularly, mostly for priming parts then I would do a more thorough paint job with my regular compressor. Sadly a part in that battery powered compressor cracked and it wouldn't hold pressure anymore. Hopefully this one last a bit longer.
I've had this little compressor for a small amount of time but so far everything works great, plus the airbrush is a great add-on. All the different cup sizes are great for a variety of paint job sizes. It has a number of different features that my last little compressor didn't have. Thankfully it also fits on the little holder that I made for my previous compressor.