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The STYNYLREZ Primer Black Gloss is a water-based acrylic polyurethane primer
designed by Badger Airbrush Co to offer artists easy application and exceptional
results. This primer is the perfect choice for achieving smooth and professional
finishes on a variety of surfaces.

One of the standout features of the STYNYLREZ Primer Black Gloss is its
remarkable adhesion. This primer effortlessly adheres to various materials,
including plastics, wood, metal, and more. Say goodbye to the frustration of
peeling or flaking paint – the STYNYLREZ primer ensures that your artwork will
remain intact over time.

Furthermore, this primer is characterized by its durability. The STYNYLREZ
Primer Black Gloss provides a strong foundation for your artwork, enhancing its
longevity and resistance to wear and tear. This means that your finished pieces
will remain vibrant and in pristine condition for years to come.

Another exceptional quality of the STYNYLREZ Primer Black Gloss is its ease of
application. With its water-based formula, this primer is non-toxic and safe to
use. Additionally, it requires no thinning before use, saving you both time and
effort. Simply load this primer into your airbrush with a 0.5mm or larger nozzle
and apply at a recommended pressure of 20-30 PSI.

The STYNYLREZ Primer Black Gloss also offers excellent coverage with thin coats.
Its glossy finish enhances the richness of colors and allows for a smooth and
even application of subsequent layers of paint.

Whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, the STYNYLREZ Primer Black
Gloss is an essential tool for achieving stunning results with your artwork. Its
superior adhesion, durability, and ease of use make it the go-to choice for
artists who demand nothing but the best. Add the STYNYLREZ Primer Black Gloss
to your collection today and experience the difference it can make in your
artistic creations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Joseph Marek
Exactly what I needed

Not only did I find what I needed but at a good price and fast delivery. This is my new go to source for all my airbrushing needs!

James Rowan
Really quite bad, not even a gloss !

After multiple test sprays trying straight from the bottle, thinned, high/low air pressure and even different airbrushes, I've come to the conclusion this is just junk as a primer. It sprays like an over-thinned paint ! Poor adhesion, poor surface texture and it dries to a dull satin rather than a gloss.
I've used stynylrez grey and black ( non gloss ) in the exact same situation and had really great results, so I'm pretty sure it's not my setup or process, the gloss black is just a really poor primer.

Eddie Mullins
Great primer

I generally prime at 35-40 psi no thinning is needed. This has been my go to primer for awhile now.

Great Product

I shoot this from a siphon feed iwata eclipse and it is the only primer I will use for metallics. It levels nicely and is pretty forgiving if it's overdone. It isn't really a high gloss; more of a glossy satin. But it's a primer so it's made to be covered anyway. It really helps give metallics an extra pop.


This looks like total hell going on, then as it dries it levels out beautiful in a few minute. All detail is still there just like a lacquer. After drying for a day this stuff is tough. I've sprayed Alclad, MRP, and Vellejo over the top and these paints stick. After all this it also passes the tape tes no problem.