Badger Airbrush STYNYLREZ water based acrylic polyurethane universal primer sealer

The best model artisans in the world adhere to a meticulous process. They understand that achieving a winning, museum-quality finish means placing heavy emphasis on surface preparation and priming. STYNYLREZ understood this attention-to-detail mentality when designing, developing and creating Badger airbrush primers.

Best-in-class primers assist artists in accentuating the finest of details in the finished piece. Likewise, it ensures the overall longevity of the work. The application ease, extraordinary adhesion, durability, and thin coat coverage make STYNYLREZ primers the ultimate choice for smart artists. When you choose STYNYLREZ, you're choosing the best.

The goal was to develop a the best primer on the market by bringing together the most in-depth understanding of techniques using in model finishing preparation and the overall priming process. With over fifty years of combined finishing equipment knowledge, as well as direction and insight from the top modelers in the world, Badger Airbrush Co confident that they've achieve their goal.