The Iwata Custom Micron series redefines precision airbrushing, bringing the artistry to a new level of sophistication. These airbrushes, known for their extreme detail spraying capabilities, are an artist's dream tool, offering an unparalleled degree of control that lets you create breathtakingly intricate designs. The custom micron series, whether it's the iwata airbrush custom micron CM-C, CM-B, or the flagship model - the iwata custom micron takumi, each showcases the brand's dedication to quality and precision, making every stroke count.

Depending on the model, these airbrushes come with either a gravity feed or side feed mechanism. This ensures that there's a model tailored to every artist's specific needs, making the Iwata custom micron airbrushes a versatile choice for detail work. Whether you are a professional artist who requires the precision of the iwata custom micron for elaborate projects, or a hobbyist who appreciates the meticulous control offered by the iwata micron, this line of airbrushes from Iwata has you covered. With the airbrush custom designed by Iwata, creating art is no longer just a process, but a journey filled with the thrill of creation and the joy of unparalleled precision.