Steve Leahy airbrush painting An-225 using Createx candy2o

Steve Leahy airbrush painting An-225 using Createx candy2o


Painting the Antonov An-225 Model: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a stunning, customized model of the iconic Antonov An-225 involves a detailed and meticulous process. This guide outlines the critical steps, materials, and equipment used to transform this metal model into a beautiful piece of art.

Materials and Equipment Used

  1. Model Kit: Antonov An-225 from Metal Time Workshop
  2. Paints:
    • Createx Candy2o paints (specifically Kib Blue and Midnight Blue)
    • Createx opaque white
    • Wicked Colors Wicked Brown and Opaque Black
  3. Primers and Sealers:
    • Autoborne Sealer 6000 (transparent)
    • 4040 Bleed Checker
  4. Masking Supplies:
    • FBS tape
    • Paper for covering larger areas
  5. Airbrushes:
    • Grex Tritium with 0.7 mm fan cap
    • Micron C and Micron B for detail work
  6. Additional Tools:
    • Sandpaper (220 grit)
    • Double-sided tape
    • Dremel with engraving bits
    • Paintbrushes (Winsor & Newton Series 7)
    • Protective gear (mask, gloves)

Step-by-Step Process

1. Preparation and Masking

  • Model Assembly: The model is assembled, with moving parts and intricate details pre-attached.
  • Masking: FBS tape is used to mask off areas that should not be painted. Special care is taken to protect decals and intricate parts using paper and additional tape.

2. Applying the Base Coat

  • Surface Preparation: The metal surface is cleaned and prepped.
  • Autoborne Sealer: The model is coated with Autoborne Sealer 6000 to ensure paint adhesion. This step involves applying three to four coats for a smooth finish.

3. Painting the Sky and Sunflowers

  • Sky Blue Base: A mixture of Kib Blue and 4050 gloss clear is applied using the Grex Tritium airbrush. The paint is built up in layers to achieve the desired sky blue color.
  • Midnight Blue Gradient: A darker blue gradient is added to the top of the model to simulate the sky's deep blue tone.

4. Detailing the Clouds

  • Clouds: Opaque white paint is used to freehand the clouds. The clouds are drawn larger near the top and smaller towards the bottom to create perspective.
  • Shading: Grayish-blue shading is added to the clouds for depth and realism.

5. Painting the Sunflowers

  • Base Yellow: Sunflower petals are blocked in using Hansa Yellow mixed with a touch of white for brightness.
  • Centers: The centers of the sunflowers are painted brown using Wicked Brown and a bit of Opaque Black.
  • Detailing: Additional details are added using both airbrush and paintbrush techniques to enhance the petals and centers.

6. Adding Greenery

  • Leaves and Stems: Detailed Moss Green mixed with white is used to paint the leaves and stems. The leaves are freehanded to keep them subtle and in the background.
  • Detail Enhancement: Lighter highlights and darker shadows are added to the leaves to give them depth.

7. Final Touches

  • Finishing the Sunflower Centers: The sunflower centers are meticulously detailed to follow the natural spiral pattern of seeds.
  • Cleanup: Any overspray or minor errors are corrected using airbrush techniques.


By following these steps and using the specified materials and equipment, you can achieve a beautifully painted Antonov An-225 model. The combination of Createx paints, precise airbrush techniques, and attention to detail results in a stunning, realistic finish that pays homage to this iconic aircraft.

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