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Table Top Style Four Airbrush Holder by NO-NAME Brand

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Table Top Style Four Airbrush Holder by NO-NAME Brand NO-NAME brand
Regular price $16.96 USD
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Table Top Style 4 Airbrush Holder by NO-NAME Brand


  • Table Top Style - Suction Cups on Bottom for Stability
  • Holds 4 Airbrushes
  • Bottom Airbrush Holders both swivel and extend away from stand
  • Top Airbrush Holder can swivel 360 degrees as well as tilt back and forward

*Airbrushes NOT Included

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ryan Kaye
Dual-Brush Holder

In my opinion I think it works great for what its made for. In my case I screwed mine down on a 1/4" thick piece of steel plate, to give it some extra weight. So it's less likely to tip over or get bumped over when someone is paying attention...

Bruce Brewer
Stable and easy to use

Glad I bought it

Dave B
No name airbrush holder

Really disappointed with this holder. It is functional but the lack of quality in workmanship is very evident. The top of this units holders are misaligned from the bottom holders by around 30 degrees. Unacceptable! The only way to fix is to de-solder, align, and re-solder the bottom portion. SG sent me another one as a good faith gesture. It was only misaligned by about 10 percent and much better than the previous one.

Randal Foster
Great table top holder for the price

The holder has a wide enough base there I can safely store my two brushes. Its abit of tight fit for the grex tritium but if youre going to pick it right back up and dont need it "securely" stored which if you take the extra time to fit it in the top I can kick my table run a lathe etc and its safe and sound. For my harder and stein-back chameleon the top holder it seems better to remove the hose.
The side holders are actually the best quality holders of the type ive seen.. If im only setting my H and S down for a brief period They seem better then any other ones.

Now If you live in a hot and humid environment or expose it to excess moistureI would suggest wiping the metal parts down with corrosion x and a rag... doing this every couple of months will prolong the lifespan.

I Actualy removed the left most holder and tap and fitted a spot or either a magnet or metal bowl for parts so if you're not a fan of side holders if you're a little creative you can really make this very cheaply priced holder even more valuable. Overall great buy for the price don't have to worry about it falling over etc.

Kevin Crandell
Works well

No complaints with it. Works very well. Finish decent. The only brush I have problems with is my Grex with the green plastic, it hits the holder.