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Sparmax Blow Through Airbrush Cleaning Pot

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Sparmax Blow Through Airbrush Cleaning Pot

The SCP-700 Cleaning Station from Sparmax is a simple to use cleaning pot which allows cleaner / solvent to be sprayed through your airbrush, without causing any irritating or harmful mist, spray or smell.

The SCP-700 has an integrated airbrush stand which is suitable for most gravity & bottom fed airbrushes, has a replaceable filter element. Supplied with two spare filter elements supplied & plastic storage tub.

Simple cleaning without nuisance vapour / mist.

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Farris
Sparmax blow through airbrush cleaning pot

This is my first cleaning pot and I would say it is very good. I like the weight, it makes it more stable. I also like the filtered vent.

Spencer Norcross
super easy cleaning

I'm new to airbrushing, but I cant imagine how you would clean your airbrush without one of these. super easy. this one wasn't that expensive and included some extras.

John Murphy
spray pot

excellent pot! I have been cleaning my brush by spraying into a Tupperware container. Not the best as tunes get ever-ware. This allows me to clean out the brush with all the mess and fumes.

Solid product

Overall, this is a solid product, and well worth the money. The heavy frosted glass is easy to clean and durable.
My only complains are:
1) The integrated airbrush holder does not fit my Sotar 20/20. They don't claim to fit every brush though, so I'll just have to bent it to fit.
2) The rubber seal surrounding the inlet doesn't form a perfect seal, and some fumes will still seep out when you're cleaning/purging your airbrush.

2nd best Cleaning pot in the world!!!

2nd to who? 2nd to none!