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Silver Bullet PLUS by Sparmax

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Silver Bullet PLUS by Sparmax Sparmax
Regular price $30.00 USD
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Built upon the basis of the Silver Bullet airbrush moisture trap, not only does the Silver Bullet Plus incorporate the additional function of pressure adjustment via bleed valve for use with small compressors, it does so with the below advantages:

*The same compact size

*Stable and constant pressure right from the start, whereas with MAC valve, it takes time for the pressure to reach stability.

*Excess pressure is released to relieve the burden on the compressor and thus allows for a longer lifetime, whereas with MAC valve, compressor is constantly under maximum pressure.

*Airbrush NOT included

Customer Reviews

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Le me start by saying I did not read the description correctly. I would not recommend to buy if you think you can use it on a trigger type airbrush.(mr creos ps 290)The valve bleeder becomes a neusance by getting in the way, jamming into the palm of your hand. Although you can lower the air pressure, It's annoying feeling the air blowing in your hand while airbrushing. I try reposition the valve by unscrewing and screwing but it only has one starting pointends up in the same spot. Should've invested 10 dollars more and bought the mr creos Dust catcher with the air valve regulator Instead. I bought this thinking I was getting a valve regulator with a filter but end up Instead filter , because the valve became useles. Seems to be good quality but poor design. Sparmax needs to go to the drawing board and fix that and do what the Mr creos done. I swapped it to my ps771 and luckily I was able to use it there, since the hand is position differently where the valve or bleeder does not bother your hand anymore. I bought this cause spraygunner did not had the harder n steenbeck hose with the quick disconnect and valve regulator in stock. I don't think I would buy this one again. We will see if the 30 dollars spent was worth it. Russell thank for packing my stuff greatly, you always do a good job and I thank you for that.

Tim Lynch
Useful Accessory

Works exactly as advertised! Cant go wrong with this. Recommended.

Silver Bullet PLUS by Sparmax

This is working great. I'm using the moisture trap as a secondary one attached to the compressor and it seems to be doing the job. In addition, since my compressor is under my workbench and adjusting the psi is a bit of a pain, being able to use the release valve if for a lower psi for a short amount of time without the hassle of crawling under the desk is a real plus.
I had been worried it would be encumbrance located where it is or that it would be heavy but neither has proven well founded - I also use it with a quick release and that is working fine.

Anthony J
Silver Bullet Plus

Awesome product,definitely recommend..