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SharpenAir Airbrush Needle Sharpening Tool - Pink Version

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SharpenAir Airbrush Needle Sharpening Tool - Pink Version SharpenAir
Regular price $49.99 USD
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SharpenAir Airbrush Needle Repair Tool - Pink Version

Delivers Functionality at its Best

Equipped with four custom-sized diamond grit coated stones positioned precisely within the casing, damaged needles are restored to their factory angles and ready for spraying the finest detail. Needles can be reshaped and sharpened repeatedly.

Compatible with the world’s leading airbrush manufacturers.

Elegant in its simplicity, the Sharpenair airbrush needle sharpening device is a nonelectric, hand-held sharpener capable of restoring bent airbrush needles to near new quality. The sharpener’s precise design guarantees that you can repair damaged needles without compromising their factory angle. The entire process takes a mere 1 to 5 minutes. The company also provides online instructional videos to guide you through the process.

This very practical tool was designed by airbrush artist Chad Elliott who intimately understood the frustrations and needs of the airbrushing community. Smaller than most Smartphones, it measures just 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches. It has a sturdy molded plastic exterior. Portable and tough, it can be included in any airbrush artist’s kit without fear of damage.

The patented interior sharpening mechanism is comprised of four diamond grit plated sanding stones with stainless steel plates. Four separate, precisely angled, runners guide the needles to the sharpening stones. This design takes the guess work out of the sharpening and straightening process. The user simply rotates the needle gently in the runners to completely and correctly repair a bent needle.

Versatility is the key to Sharpenair’s success as an airbrush needle sharpening device. It is compatible with multiple different sizes and brands of airbrush needles. Universal in nature, this tool can also be modified to accommodate the thicker shafts of the DeVilbiss Dagr and some Paschae models at no extra charge.

The cost savings inherent in repairing rather than replacing bent needles is obvious. The larger cost savings could very well be in time saved. Projects can be delayed hours, even days, waiting for hard to find replacement needles. Time is literally money for an artist and the more time spent on a project, the less money earned, not to mention staying on schedule and meeting deadlines.

As a tool that repairs tools, the Sharpenair is invaluable. Its durable structure and effective design guarantee a long life-span. The sharpening stones can be replaced when necessary. The ability to repair a bent needle rather than replace it increases profit and productivity. This tool is a essential component of any airbrush artist’s kit.

Customer Reviews

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Scott Tappan
Airbrush needle repair tool

Airbrush needle repair tool Is a fantastic product to straighten and sharpen your airbrush needles everybody needs to buy one I love it

Jesus C.
1 SharpenAir Airbrush Needle Sharpening Tool - Pink Version

I bought this based on Chad recommending it being more universal item to work with just about any airbrush. I have not had the need to use it yet. But I have used the compound to polish my needles and does a great job leaving it shiny, clean and smooth.. thanks Chad!. Compre este basado en la recomendacion de Chad. Me Dijo que este trabajaria para todo tipo de aguja de cualquier marca de aereografo. Aunque aun no he tenido que usarlo, para enderesar o arreglar mis agujas. Si he pulido mis agujas con la pasta que viene y la deja muy limpia, brillosa y lisa. Gracias Chad! And thank you spraygunner team!

Daniel Romano

This is a good tool to resurface Airbrush needles, cleans up slightly deformed tips, and cleans them as well. Worth having! especially if you need to finish a job before parts arrive.

Sharpenair Airbrush Needle Sharpening Tool-pink version

I works very well . I used it in 5 minutes to resharpen my 2 Iwata HP-CH 0.3 needles. The added polishing compound and buffing cloth made a difference removing the fine scratches from the sharpener. For the same price as the black version u can't go wrong .