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RGB LED light with magnets and battery

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RGB LED light wand with magnets and battery - magic light stick for your workstation, photo booth, or artwork presentation.

RGB light stick in SprayGunner's inventory - is it some kind of mistake? Not at all! We played with RGB technology and were amazed by the effects it gives to artworks and painted models. It's one of the most unoversal products which is also a great addition to your art gallery, 3D print photo booth, body art effects, or scale modeling bench setup.

When used as a direct lighting for artworks, it can bring another level of life and magic to them!

  • RGB + CCT with 20 creative scene modes
  • 2500K-900K adjustable color temperature
  • RGB color mode adjustable 0-360 degree
  • dimmable brightness from 0 to 100%
  • Built in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, gives 2 hours work time at full brightness
  • USB Type-C charger - only 2.5 hours to full charge. Can be used while charging!
  • 2 strong magnets (one on each side of the back panel)
  • 1/4 screw holes on both sides, fits any standard photo tripods, holders, and other accessories
  • 1/4 inch mini-tripod included!
  • Weights only 0.24lb (109 gram) and 3.9" by 1.6" dimensions - this light is extremely portable!
  • This small wand packed with LEDs inside. More power than larger size competitors, yet in a compact case
  • NO-NAME brand assures quality control and full tech/warranty support out of Florida, USA

Check out how amazing artwork from Gerald Mendez made with Createx candy2o colors comes to life under RGB light stick:

Customer Reviews

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Charles Kuhn
Cool light.

Neat little light. And super bright. With all the different color settings it has you can really make some cool effects on your art work. And a ton of mounting opens if you need them.