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Paasche Raptor RG-1AS

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Paasche Raptor RG-1AS Paasche
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New from Paasche! The RG "Raptor" Airbrush.

This airbrush features a chrome plated body and anodized aluminum handle for durability. The paint reservoir is smaller than the Talon series to allow an unobstructed view of the painting surface. The RG is a fine detail airbrush allowing the user to achieve hair line detail or patterns up to 1 inch. The handle includes a needle stop to assist with consistent paint release and a PTFE packing allows the RG to handle any water or solvent based paint or thinner. Clean up is as simple as spraying your paint cleaner though the airbrush and wiping of the needle. Applications include automotive graphics, models, taxidermy, cake decorating, tattoos, finger nails, graphic arts, illustration, etc. The RG airbrush is made and assembled in the US.


  • Airbrush with .25mm nozzle
  • 6' braided air hose
  • Wrench
  • Allen wrench
  • Airbrush hanger
  • 22 lesson booklet


  • Double action
  • Gravity feed
  • .25mm head
  • Hand polished needle
  • Can also use larger Talon heads

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Wonderfull item

Really love this product, its very easy to use and is very light to do your project, really recommed to use this..especial thanks to omar for the packaging and shipping