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Paasche Airbrush Vision TGX#0L

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Paasche Airbrush Vision TGX#0L Paasche
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Paasche TGX#0L Vision Airbrush

The Vision airbrush is a top model of Paasche Talon line. This means that it can use all of the same heads that the TG or TS airbrushes use including the Fan Aircap. The Vision will come installed with our new .2mm head, hand polished hardened stainless steel needle, sloped trigger, air atomization control and the black chrome plating. The Vision will be the finest detail airbrush in Paasche's line.


  • Double action
  • Gravity feed
  • .2mm head
  • New trigger design
  • Hand polished needle
  • Atomization control
  • Black chrome finish
  • Can also use larger Talon heads

Customer Reviews

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Michael Patrick
Paasche Vision

This is my fifth Paasche airbrush (H, VL, Talon & Raptor). The only other brand Ive used to compare it to is a Master. Which IMO are not a complete POS, just need lots of TLC. So I enjoy painting fishing lures and I do not consider myself an artist. I dont think anyone has to worry about me putting them out of business lol. I love that the needles are interchangeable between the Vision, Raptor & Talon. Another plus is the adjustable air valve. Im actually able to spray Createx paint with the .20 and.25 size needles and its not a big struggle anymore. Their is a learning curve on getting the nozzle and air cap seated correctly on all three. Gravity cup is much easier to clean and maintain compared to the siphon style (my H & VL). Its a nice looking airbrush with the black chrome finish. I ordered the airbrush on a Friday and it was in my mailbox in WI on Monday, unbelievable free shipping from Spray Gunner! This purchase was my third or fourth from Spray Gunner and all orders were obviously packed with care, items shrink wrapped together so as not to get tossed around during shipping. So five stars to Paasche for an amazing airbrush and five stars to Spray Gunner for being a company that cares about how their products arrive. Thanks to all involved.

vision txg#ol

great looking airbrush.. Love the black chrome with regular chrome accents.. Always a great combination.. Airbrush works very well. Love the fact that the vision, Talon and raptor all use the same needles and nozzles.. Makes life alot easier

Paasche Vision

I don't like to give bad reviews so the 4 stars is a bit of a gift for the product. One of the 4 stars is there because I like the big cup! Having used other airbrushes, this one is a bit of a let down. It works mind you. I had to crank up the air pressure to get it to perform properly. It just doesn't atomize the paint as well at similar working air pressures as other airbrushes with the same tip size. Even at the higher pressure, it's just meh!

Jose perez
Lo mejor

Ya que me gustan los paasche el aerografo visin es de lo mejor excelente

Ron Penn
Not what I expected

I purchased this and the optional fan cap. Thought it would be great for larger projects. It does not spray as good as I expected. My badger patriot with med needle puts out more paint then the #3 needle with fan tip. I would like to get a fan tip for my patriot but I dont think they make one. The needles are so fine that you bend them just wiping of dry tip. Disappointed.