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Needle 0.2mm Mr Airbrush

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Needle for GSI Creos (Gunze) Procon Boy Mr Airbrush PS270, PS267

The Needle 0.2mm Mr Airbrush is a high-quality product designed specifically for the GSI Creos (Gunze) Procon Boy MR Airbrush PS270 and PS267 models. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this needle is the perfect accessory for professional artists, hobbyists, and enthusiasts alike.

Made from durable stainless steel, the Needle 0.2mm Mr Airbrush guarantees exceptional performance and longevity. Its fine 0.2mm diameter allows for incredibly precise and controlled airbrushing, making it ideal for intricate designs, detailing, and creating realistic textures. Whether you are working on a small-scale model or a larger canvas, this needle is perfect for achieving the finest, most intricate strokes.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, a country renowned for its craftsmanship and precision engineering, this needle exceeds industry standards. With its superior quality, it ensures a smooth and consistent paint flow, reducing the risk of clogs or splatters. The stainless steel construction also prevents corrosion and maintains the needle's sharpness over time, making it a reliable tool in your artistic arsenal.

The Needle 0.2mm Mr Airbrush is incredibly easy to attach and detach, allowing for quick and hassle-free needle changes during your creative process. Its compatibility with the GSI Creos (Gunze) Procon Boy MR Airbrush PS270 and PS267 ensures a perfect fit, allowing you to concentrate on your artistic vision without any distractions.

This needle is suitable for various applications, including model painting, automotive detailing, illustration, and cosmetics. Whether you are a professional artist or a beginner, the Needle 0.2mm Mr Airbrush is designed to enhance your skills and take your artwork to the next level.

Invest in the reliability, precision, and performance of the Needle 0.2mm Mr Airbrush. Made with the highest standards in mind, this needle will undoubtedly become an indispensable tool in your creative journey. Unlock your artistic potential and achieve stunning results with this exceptional product.

Customer Reviews

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Mark hall
Needle 0.2mm Mr Airbrush

Always need to have some spare needles for my GSI Creos. Spraygunner was great as always.

As advertised

Prompt shipping, great customer support

Adam Jackson
Love GSI Creos airbrushed and spraygunner

Needed a new airbrush needle and air cap. I can always count on Spraygunner for great products, prices, packaging (this time by Omar) and shipping. Thanks!

Kevin Crossland
.02 needle

Dropped airbrush and bent needle this replacement made airbrush spray like new again


GSI Creos Mr. Hobby makes great needles.