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By Iwata

Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush

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Brand: Iwata
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Regular price $557.25 USD
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Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush

Ultimate Iwata Airbrush Guide & Part Finder

Spraygunner extends a complimentary initial servicing offer to customers who have purchased Custom Micron series airbrushes from our establishment.

Please be advised of the following terms and conditions:

  1. Complimentary First Service: Spraygunner provides a one-time, no-cost servicing of Custom Micron series airbrushes for customers who have made their purchase at our store.
  2. Customer Shipping Responsibility: It is the customer's responsibility to bear the shipping expenses for sending their airbrushes to our service center.
  3. Replacement Parts Responsibility: Customers may incur charges for any necessary replacement parts during servicing, except for warranty cases.
  4. Professional Cleaning and Diagnostic Services: Spraygunner offers professional cleaning and diagnostic services at no additional cost.

The Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush is the ultimate choice for experienced airbrush users who demand absolute precision and extreme detail spraying. The Custom Micron series is renowned for its superior atomization and unmatched performance standards. With a 0.24 oz / 7 ml fluid cup and a micro air control (MAC) valve, this airbrush allows for incremental control of airflow, enabling an ultra fine to medium spray.

The ergonomic main lever and preset handle provide maximum comfort and control, reducing finger fatigue and increasing overall efficiency. The spring-steel needle is highly durable and resistant to breakage, making it a reliable tool for long-term use. Additionally, the needle packings are solvent resistant, ensuring longevity and preventing any damage caused by chemicals.

The Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus also features the Crown Cap Dock, a convenient storage solution for the Crown Cap when it is not in use. The airbrush is accompanied by essential accessories, including Iwata Lube for lubricating the Head Needle and Main Lever mechanism, an Iwata Pistol-Grip Filter to collect and evacuate moisture build-up, and an Iwata Nozzle Spanner for easy removal of the Head Nozzle.

For added convenience and protection, the airbrush comes with a durable aluminum storage case. The Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus Airbrush is manufactured to the highest standards in Japan, guaranteeing exceptional quality and reliability.

With its exceptional precision, durability, and user-friendly features, the Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus Gravity Feed Dual Action Airbrush is a must-have tool for artists, illustrators, and hobbyists who require the utmost control and precision in their work. Elevate your airbrushing experience to new heights with the unmatched performance of the Iwata Custom Micron series.


Absolute Precision Series Custom Micron

Spray Scale: Extreme Detail to Medium
Optimal Working Pressure: 12 - 15 psi (0.08 - 0.10 Mpa)
Head System: C2 - Needle, Nozzle, Nozzle Cap
Nozzle Type: Screw-On
Feed Style: Gravity
Paint Capacity: 0.24 oz (7 ml)
Action Dual Handle Type Single Cut, Pre-Set with Crown Cap Dock
Net Weight: (lbs) 1.93
Net Weight: (kg) 0.88
Assembled Dimensions (in): 1.10 x 6.10 x 3.07
Assembled Dimensions (mm): 28 x 155 x 78

Made in Japan 

Iwata Airbrush Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Iwata offers a five-year limited manufacturer warranty on Iwata airbrushes. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser from the date of purchase when bought from an authorized Iwata seller (SprayGunner). The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, and Anest Iwata-Medea, Inc. will repair or replace the unit, or provide replacement parts, upon a valid claim which must include proof of purchase.

Owner Responsibilities:

  • Follow the written instructions provided with the airbrush for proper operation and maintenance.
  • Retain the bill of sale, payment record, or canceled check to verify the purchase date and warranty eligibility.
  • Keep the original packaging for potential warranty returns.


  • Damage due to improper cleaning, misuse, or lack of maintenance as outlined in the manual.
  • Wear and tear on parts like needles, nozzles, seals, packings, and O-rings.
  • Usage of non-Iwata standard replacement components.
  • Shipping costs for warranty service are the responsibility of the owner. Airbrush can be shipped back to SprayGunner for diagnostics and repairs.


  • This warranty excludes problems due to normal wear or misuse and does not cover incidental or consequential damages.
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance are required to maintain the warranty.

Please note that failure to perform general maintenance, including cleaning, will void the warranty. This warranty replaces all other expressed or implied warranties.

SprayGunner Return Policy for Iwata Airbrushes

30-Day Hassle-Free Returns:
SprayGunner offers a 30-day hassle-free return policy for all Iwata airbrushes. Customers can return the product for any reason within this period for a full refund or exchange, with no questions asked. Just send us a message to sales@spraygunner.com

Extended Returns for Store Credit:
For returns initiated within 60 days after delivery, customers can choose to receive their refund as a store credit, offering additional flexibility.

Return Shipping:

  • For customers in the lower 48 states: SprayGunner provides free return shipping, making the process easy and cost-effective.
  • For customers outside the lower 48 states, including overseas: Customers are responsible for obtaining a return shipping label. These can be purchased through local carriers or directly from SprayGunner.

This policy ensures that purchasing an Iwata airbrush from SprayGunner is a risk-free and customer-friendly experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Karen Rhodes
Amazing piece of equipment

Iwata does a great job honing this tool into an excellent fine line and medium range spraying piece.
As always SprayGunners service and delivery is always top notch

Iwata CM-C

No surprise that this product preforms awesome, coming from Iwata.