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GSI Creos Mr.Surfacer 1200 Bottle

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GSI Creos Mr.Surfacer 1200 Bottle GSI Creos Mr. Hobby
Regular price $6.30 USD
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GSI Creos Mr.Hobby Mr.Surfacer 1200 Bottle

Volume: 40ml

Mr.Surfacer 1200 contains finer granules than Mr.Surfacer 1000. They are both used in much the same way but, due to the finer granules after sanding with waterproof sand-paper , a perfectly corrected surface is possible.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Harris Jr.
Mr. Surfacer 1200

I am blown away at how easy it was to spray this primer/surfacer. I thinned it a little more than 1:1 with Mr. Leveling thinner, at 18psi out of my PS-290 and the atomization and control I was able to produce was awesome. It dried as smooth as silk and was a dream to clean up with alcohol. I suggest building up the product with ultra fine coats and you will achieve a very durable surface without a need for sanding or touch-ups. My go to primer from now on.

David Wilson
Excellent primer

Service was great as always. I like the short delivery Time

Brandon nunn
Mr surfacer 1200 - Great Primer!

Im very happy with the surfacer. It goes on very smooth with a 1/1 ratio with Mr Leveling Thinner. Will be my go to primer all of my projects!

Rob K
Great product

I love this stuff. I use it in Gunpla modeling. Never lets me down.