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GSI Creos Mr.Color Thinner

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GSI Creos Mr.Color Thinner GSI Creos Mr. Hobby
Regular price $2.50 USD
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GSI Creos Mr.Hobby Mr.Color Thinner

Mr.Thinner is necessary to thin paints and wash brushes. Mr.Thinner is a high quality material, so it is easy to use and mix with Mr.Color.

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Customer Reviews

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Mr color thinner

Great all around thinner. Works well with mr hobby and tamiya paints. I love the way it thins my paint for airbrushing! Great price from spraygunner!

you can't go wrong with this thinner.

this thinner is one of the most esential for using the mr. color brand of paints. can work with other brands also like gaia note.

Andrew Stygles
One of the best thinners

One of the best thinners for lacquer products. The product goes a long way for the price, especially with any other MR. COLOR/GSI paints.

Zihan Jiang
Works well

This Mr Color thinner is very good quality working with the my Mr Color paints especially the semi gloss, it can also use for the metallic paint as well. But to dilute the gloss paint, you'd better use the yellow label thinner to get the smooth surface. anyway it is a nice production just wait for the large size of 400 to back to stock since the 50 bottle is to tiny for using. you can also use it as a cleaner. Fast shipping and delivery!

Omar De la pena
Nice product

Thos product is works well with my paints when trying to reduce them. Works very nice