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Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit (TK-5)

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Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit (TK-5) Grex Airbrush
Regular price $35.95 USD
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Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit

Fluid Nozzle size: 0.5mm

Compatible with: Tritium, Genesis.XGi, and XSi airbrushes

The Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit (TK-5) is a versatile and efficient accessory for your airbrushing needs. With its 0.5mm fluid nozzle size, this kit is designed to provide you with optimal control and precision while creating stunning artwork.

Compatible with the Tritium, Genesis.XGi, and XSi airbrushes, this nozzle kit is specifically engineered to enhance the capabilities of these airbrush models. Whether you are a professional artist, hobbyist, or beginner, the Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit will elevate your airbrushing experience to a whole new level.

Please note that using the 0.5mm nozzle requires more airflow and will need a larger compressor to ensure maximum performance. This kit includes everything you need to get started, including a fluid nozzle, fluid needle, and nozzle cap. Additionally, it also comes with installation instructions and a nozzle wrench for easy setup and maintenance.

The Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit is the perfect accessory for artists who demand precision and control in their airbrushing. Whether you want to create fine lines, intricate details, or broad strokes, this nozzle kit will deliver outstanding results every time. The 0.5mm fluid nozzle size allows for precise paint flow, enabling you to achieve the desired effects with ease.

Upgrade your airbrushing game with the Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit (TK-5). Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and limitless possibilities. Whether you are an airbrushing enthusiast or a professional artist, this kit will become an indispensable tool in your arsenal. Explore the endless potential of your airbrushing skills and bring your artistic vision to life with the Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit. Get yours today and unlock a whole new level of precision and creativity in your artwork.

Customer Reviews

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john dodds
Grex .5 needle kit

Works awesome I bought the wrong version of airbrush and decided to keep it and bought this needle set which is what I needed easy install works great. Guys at Spraygunner are awesome if you need help.

Grex 0.5mm Nozzle Kit (TK-5)

A while ago I purchased a Grex Tritium.TS Micro Spray Gun Set with the 0.7mm needle. Since then I have purchased the other size needle sets for it. (.2, .3 and .5) I like that this airbrush is designed with interchangeable parts. It makes it very versatile. I can use it for a multitude of tasks without having to own several different airbrushes. I am very pleased with it.

very good

fast shipping,good people to deal with.

Grex TK-5

This kit makes it easy to simply swap needles and have literally another airbrush. I works awesome.. next purchase may be the fan cap..

Damon Brown
Works well

Installed well. No problems