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Grex 0.3mm Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit

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Grex 0.3mm Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit Grex Airbrush
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Grex 0.3mm Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit (TFK-3) for GREX airbrush

The Grex 0.3mm Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit (TFK-3) is the perfect accessory for your Grex airbrush. Designed for use with the Tritium.TG, Tritium.TS, Genesis.XGi, and Genesis.XSi models, this kit will enhance your airbrushing experience and allow for more efficient and even coverage of larger areas.

Inspired by full-sized spray guns, the Grex Fan Spray Cap transforms your airbrush into a "mini spray gun". This innovative design changes the standard round spray pattern of an airbrush into an elongated fan spray pattern, similar to that of a spray gun. This feature is highly desired by artists and hobbyists alike, as it allows for quicker and more even coverage with fewer passes.

The kit includes both the fan spray cap and nozzle, ensuring that you have everything you need to get started right away. Additionally, installation and usage instructions are included, making it easy for anyone to use this kit to its full potential.

Whether you are working on larger canvases, model cars, or any other project that requires extensive coverage, the Grex 0.3mm Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit is the perfect accessory to achieve professional results. It enhances your airbrushing capabilities and allows you to achieve a level of precision and efficiency that was previously only possible with full-sized spray guns.

Investing in this kit is a wise choice for any serious airbrush artist. Not only will it save you time and effort, but it will also significantly improve the quality of your work. The fan spray pattern is ideal for achieving smooth gradients and even coverage, resulting in a flawless finish every time.

Upgrade your airbrushing game with the Grex 0.3mm Fan Spray Cap & Nozzle Kit. Experience the difference it makes in your work and take your airbrushing skills to the next level.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Evan Woods
Great versatility

I love the versatility these fan caps add to my Grex airbrush. I can spray a nice fan pattern from .3 to .7 with minimal fuss.

Ash Bigdeli
The best!

Im very pleased of the quality of this band tools!

Richard Voss

If you own a GREX Airbrush, buy yourself a second brush size with just this kit. GENIOUS. GREX is well built, and offers the end user considerable versatility by allowing the needles and nozzles to be changed out as a kit. NICE DESIGN BY THE GREEN ONES. Worth the price for what you end up with. Plus you'll have a back up needle for when needed (which most likely you will).