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Custom Creative Paints: Kandy Apple Red 150ml (5oz)

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Custom Creative Paints: Kandy Apple Red 150ml (5oz) Custom Creative
Regular price $12.95 USD
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Custom Creative Solvent-based automotive grade Kandy colors

Size: 1 liter (33.8oz)

Color: Kandy Apple Red *color reference shown was applied over silver base coat and clear coated

Solvent Based paints by Custom Creative made in Europe to the highest quality standard and based on latest developments in resins and pigments.

Custom Creative Kandy colors are developed from the most transparent and stable pigments in the market. This paint offers great depth and liveliness. After a multitude of tests, this technology guarantees stability and durability against the various atmospheric agents and especially against UV, completing the painting process with any of the range of Custom Creative Clear Coats.

Ready to spray, no need to mix in with binder, 1:1 mix ratio with reducer.

  • Solvent Base paint
  • Easy application
  • Great coverage
  • Bright colors
  • For airbrush or gun

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Customer Reviews

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Candy apple red

First time painting and I fell in love with this paint it makes me feel like a pro
Honestly is almost like magic when u star spraying coats and u star seeing that color popping up 2clear/1paint..15to20%4012 mix well and ready to paint
Plus spraygunner has a great costumer service thanks guys !!