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By Car-Rep

Car-Rep 2K Polyurethane Clear Coat High Gloss 11oz

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Car-Rep 2K Polyurethane Clear Coat High Gloss 11oz

CAR-REP® 2K POLYURETHANE CLEAR COAT WITH WISE 2K® TECHNOLOGY 11oz is the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless and long-lasting finish on your car's surface. With its innovative WISE 2K technology, this clear coat provides unbeatable strength, durability, and resistance to chips and UV damage.

The High Gloss formula ensures a deep and shiny surface, giving your car a professional and showroom-quality appearance. Unlike other clear coats, Car-Rep 2K Clear Coat is easy to apply and does not run or drip, making it suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters.

One of the unique features of Car-Rep 2K Clear Coat is its unlimited pot life. This means that you can use the entire 11oz can without any wastage, saving you time and money. Additionally, this clear coat can be applied to both solvent-borne and waterborne base coats, offering versatility and convenience.

Designed to provide an extremely durable coating, Car-Rep 2K Clear Coat can be used on various substrates, including bare metal, painted surfaces, bare aluminum, bare and galvanized steel, OEM finishes, old paint, and most plastics. However, it is not suitable for use on Styrofoam.

Application Specifications

Flash time: 10-15 min

Dust dry: 15 min

Touch dry: 60 min

Polishable: Overnight

Final hardness and chemical resistance: 8-10 days

*Please note that shipping restrictions apply to this product. It can only be shipped via ground transport and is not eligible for overseas shipping or express shipping.

Make your car shine like never before with CAR-REP 2K Polyurethane Clear Coat High Gloss 11oz. Its exceptional durability, ease of application, and unparalleled finish will leave your car looking brand new and protected for years to come.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Steve Hildreth
Bury it!

The top coat did its job and buried the metal flake in just 3 coats. Wet sanded after 72 hours and looks like glass!

John Slaven
Car-rep 2k Clear

I've purchased several cans of the clear coat to finish my guitar projects. I couldn't be happier with the results. It's easy to work with and gives me a quality shine.

John Dopita
Car-Rep 2K Clear Coat

First time use and I'm interested in this product.
The science allows the premixed components to remain liquid until sprayed. The atmospheric humidity is to kick-off the reaction of components. Sounds cool!
I question if geographic or seasonal humidity difference will impact the cure timing.

I sprayed in Florida, 80?, moderately humid but not bad, and it tacked almost instantly, string free in a few minutes. fingerprint free in 30minutes.
Tack coat plus 2 flow coats, only to add a final (pour it on) coat to get better flow.
If it set a bit slower, I may have gotten better flow from the mid-coats. No issue with runs, so that's a plus. Pretty good spray pattern from a can, good particle breakup, a uniform propelled mist pattern.
One guitar, one can plus a little left over. Not a full second round amount in my case.
Use proper PPE this this product, it's not good for you. Post spray/curing didn't smell bad, much better than most automotive clears.
Be safe!

Lori Truncali
Great Product

I seen this on Facebook thought l would give it a try. Im so glad l did. Im a taxidermist and do a ton of replicas each year and its hard to find a good gloss to have a wet appearance on the fish. This product does it and more. The fish looks like they just came out of the water. It was easy to use just shake the can no mixing cups needed. Fantastic product definitely buying again and again

John Mateiro

This is a fantastic product, sprayed nice and smooth with great coverage! I will buy again for sure. Wendy did a great job packing my order as always.