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C-800 ICON Clear 1 Quart With 2 Activators - Complete Kit

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Speed: Slow Activator
Brand: American ICON
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C-800 ICON Clear 1 Quart With 2 Activators - Complete Kit American ICON
Regular price $82.40 USD
Regular price Sale price $82.40 USD

C-800 ICON CLEAR by American ICON.

C-800 ICON CLEAR is a flagship clear coat from American ICON.

This High solids 2k urethane clear is a 2:1 mix ratio, featuring user-friendly application, great flow, excellent gloss retention and buff ability, making it ideal for custom painters!

Size: 1 quart of Clear, 2 half pints of activator

Activator Required for Curing.
2:1 MIX RATIO - 2 Parts Clear to 1 Part Activator

2:1 Premium High Solids Show Clear

Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Brandon Swisher
Easy to use.

First time user, lays down smooth. No issues.

Richard Voss. Voss_Art1
American ICON C800 Clear

Quart size with two separate containers of activator. Convenient and thoughtful. I tried the NoName 2K clear (very similar product) , and was happy with it, so moved up to its Mother product. Lays out and self levels extremely well. Cuts and polishes in similar fashion to other quality show clears.
Proper ventilation and PPE is a must. Excellent product a good price.

Get the Sunglasses.
C800 ICIN CLEAR. Get the sunglasses.

Great solids contents and buffs and builds to an amazing shine. Take your time and lay it on slow and even, it seeks its own level pretty well but no need to over work it. Work it thru a few grades of buffing paper and youll love the finish. After gassing off, its as hard as a rock. Good product .

Great 2k

As a modeler, this stuff is fantastic. Sprays nice and even with minimal orange peel. It is also highly sandable once fully dry. It really buffs out nicely with a deep shine. Great stuff.