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Badger Patriot 105 3in1 Gravity Airbrush

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Badger Airbrush Patriot 105 3in1 Set (No longer comes in plastic case!)

105-3N1; Set contains the immensely popular Patriot 105 airbrush with Detail (.5) needle/nozzle, packaged
with the two additional needle/nozzle conversion kits (Super Detail [.3] and General Purpose [.7]).

Badger Airbrushes are Made in U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

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Geoffrey Brisson

Took out of box and began using. Very intuitive and thoughtful design. Easy to clean, and worked for turbo dork paint which is why I bought it, this one was easier to use and got the job done when my fancier airbrushes couldn’t. Would buy again with no hesitations.

Michael Elkavitch
Badger 150

Great airbrush - my second and I will put the 0.3 needle and nozzle on this one!

Joe Gilroy
Badger patriot 105

Great airbrush, except for the needle tip being stuck in the airbrush and having to destroy the tip to get it out, but other than that it's good

Kelly Herzinger
Great Experience!

Wow! What a great experience purchasing this airbrush thru My order arrived quickly, and I am very satisfied. I will definitely be purchasing other items thru!

Patriot 105 Kit

My very first airbrush was a Badger. My next 2 were Paasche. Now I have more Badger airbrushes. I have 4 set up at my workbench. Each with a different nozzle size for different jobs. My Patriot is set with the 5mm needle thus is my general purpose workhorse. If doesnt take much pressure to move paint or other things and is easy enough to clean. I use some Flitz to polish all my needles prior to using the first time and every once in a while thereafter. Dependable airbrush! Hard to get, but dependable.