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AMMO by MIG Acrylic - Lucky Varnish - Ultra Matt

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AMMO by MIG Acrylic Paint for Brushes and Airbrush

Color: Lucky Varnish - Ultra Matt

Volume: 60 mL

From the Manufacturer:

Flat medium/varnish for all kinds of acrylic paints. Guarantees 100% flat finishes. This varnish can be used in two different ways:
- used straight from the jar as a regular varnish after painting to achieve a dead flat finish.
- it can also be used as a flat medium by adding it to acrylic paints.

Varnish application has long been one of the biggest challenges for modelers. Many have ruined a few models due to the use of poor quality or inappropriate varnishes for the job at hand, and the thing is that the varnishing process is an extremely important step of the build. For the first time, AMMO releases a complete varnish range for winning results on each and every model.
These acrylic varnishes will allow you to get the best results with both brush and airbrush in a very simple manner. It must be used in thin layers, and can be applied directly from the jar without thinning for a perfect finish. When used through the airbrush, we recommend spraying 6 inches (15 cm) away from the surface. It is non-toxic and odorless, and dries completely in 24 hours.
This new varnish range was carefully developed over a lengthy period to ensure the modeler a perfect result every time. Don´t take your chances, use LUCKY VARNISH, a winning product that will rule out any mishap that may occur when using ordinary varnishes. Available in all the usual finishes used in scale modeling, from high gloss to dead flat.

Easy to use and simple to clean. Incredible transparent finishes for all of your models, and accurate for all subjects. Will not yellow or alter colors.
Perfect for both brush and airbrush.
1- Using an airbrush, apply in light and short passes using 1.2 bar (17psi) air pressure, avoiding build up.
2- Let dry at least 5 minutes between coats. Do NOT flood the surface.
3- Let it dry completely for 12 hours.
No thinning needed. Clean with A.MIG-2000 or water

Customer Reviews

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Michael Williams
Gloss/Clear Coats

As I mentioned with the Satin, needed to replace the debunked Dullcotes, and sorry Future is for floors NOT Models!
Migs stuff spray on very easy and absolutely NO Chalking which was an issue when they first arrived, that was like 5 yrs ago so it worked great for me! And pinwashing and Oil paints went on just as normal as ever. Definitely worth 7 bucks!