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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/19

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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/19 Step by Step Magazine
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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/19

Release: June 27, 2019!

Step by Step

The Flying Saucer
Automotive Painting
US-based artist Iryna Bershadska loves everything about fantasy and space. So this motor bike project is just the right thing for her.

Helicopter Painting
Colorful Armed Forces in Austria: Christian Erhart provides an anniversary design to an army helicopter.

„Iron“ Mike Tyson
„Don’t mess with me“, that’s what the sight of boxing legend Mike Tyson seems to say in the airbrushed portrait of Australian artist Paul MacDonald.

Tradition and Modernity
Artists have been using the Grisaille technique for centuries. American artist Steve Gibson is putting the old masters‘ art back on the map.


Always Happy
Georg Huber meets Iryna Bershadska
German-Ukrainian encounter in California: Georg Huber visited Iryna Bershadska on his latest US trip.

Nose Art
Military use of the Airbrush
The Austrian airbrush artist and aircraft engineer Christian Erhart tells about his artistic services at the Austrian Armed Forces.


Airbrush News
Trying the new Badger airbrush and lots of new paints

Readers‘ Gallery
Portraits of humans and animals

Scene / Events
International Airbrush and Bodypainting Shows in the Netherlands, Austria and Germany

Shopping Guide
Everything you need for airbrushing

All kinds of beasts!

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