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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/18

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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/18 Step by Step Magazine
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Airbrush Step by Step Magazine 03/18

Printed issue - physical product.

Release: June 28, 2018!

Step by Steps

Hidden Underwater World

German artist Wolfgang Gerstemeier had to deal with a couple of difficulties when preparing and painting his Koi illustration, starting with taking pictures of swimming fishes.


It took 50 photos of a Whiskey bottle for German artist Andreas Werner until the right template was found. He just needed a real life image to master the colors and glass reflections.

The Joker
T-Shirt Painting

The Spanish artist Hugo Macielis painting another legendary movie character on a sweat shirt: The evil grining Joker, the supervillain from the Batman movies.

El Colombiano

The Columbian artist Rafa Fonseca is showing the process of painting his beautifully smiling grandfather with lots of realistic details.


A TV commission for Marissa Oosterlee
The famous Dutch airbrush artist Marissa Oosterlee was literally taken off her holidays in Italy in order to paint the movie poster for a huge German TV production in only 3 days.

Fantastic Beasts
The magical airbrushing and model construction art of Pia Achtenhagen
Mariano Soto amazes people with his colorful and multifaceted artworks on various surfaces, but especially with his comic art which he is selling worldwide.


Steampunk Camaro
Automotive Painting by Andras Bathory
This is what comes out if you give the artistic green light to Hungary born artist Andras Bathory to paint your car with your favorite game hero..


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