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Harder & Steenbeck NEW EVOLUTION 2024 CRPlus 2in1

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Harder & Steenbeck NEW EVOLUTION 2024 CRPlus  2in1 Harder & Steenbeck
Regular price $222.00 USD
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Harder & Steenbeck NEW Evolution CR Plus 2024 2in1; Progression, Perfected

Buy with confidence from Harder & Steenbeck Factory Dealer in USA. You've qualified for the free service of your HS airbrush. Find out more details here (click).

The EVOLUTION 2024 replaces all gravity feed Evolutions in our range. Therefore the following gravity models will be discontinued once stocks are sold: Evolution, Evolution Silverline and Evolution CRplus. Please note that the M, X and AL models remain available.

Features List:

  • New FineLine Head Design: the new 0.28mm and 0.45mm sizes give better detail than the previous 0.2mm, but with more robustness, less clogging and better sealing. Really, the detail is breathtaking!
  • 2in1 set comes with the 0.28mm and the 0.45mm with both the 2ml and 5ml cups for ultimate versatility.
  • Excenter Cam Control – the trigger system has been redesigned to create a perfect connection between your finger and the needle motion. The unique Excenter now behaves like a true cam system, as accurate and tuneable as in a performance engine! The Excenter cam shape on the EVOLUTION 2024 gives a more responsive feel during detail work whilst remaining accessible and easy to control for a non-expert.
  • Speed Clean Trigger – The Excenter now gives nearly 20% more travel to the needle, giving a far faster flushing and cleaning process. This airbrush is designed to work hard, and work fast.
  • Clog Control System: a new interpretation of our FineLine head concept for progressing airbrushers –you can see the needle tip, clean the needle tip without needing a brush, but it is always protected. A clean needle tip is the solution to airbrushing with no colour clogging.
  • Color Control – infinitely adjustable needle stop system to support progression, whilst being very fast to adjust and dial in/ out due to its unique triple start thread system.
  • Flexible Architecture: you can accessorise your EVOLUTION 2024 CRplus with micro, 2ml or 5ml cups, and fit any H&S head size to fit your needs. The 2in1 set comes with the 2ml and the 5ml cups.
  • Tool Free – strip your airbrush with no tools! Clean up is faster and easier than ever, and more bullet proof than ever.
  • Full CRplus specification – triple chrome plate and gold finishing for ultimate durability.

Headsets and Compatibility:

All other H&S heads can still be fitted to the EVOLUTION 2024 CRplus:

  • the old 0.2mm & 0.4mm Evolution headsets is discontinued when stocks are finished and they are replaced by the new 0.28mm and 0.45mm sets.
  • all H&S airbrushes are compatible with the new 0.28mm and 0.45mm EVOLUTION 2024 CRplus headsets.
  • The new 0.28mm headset offers a finer detail spray than the old 0.2mm but it is more robust, and more user-friendly
  • The new 0.45mm headset offers better detail performance than the old 0.4mm but is also more robust and more user friendly
  • The 0.2mm needle and the 0.4mm needles remain unchanged and are used in the new headsets.
  • All 0.28mm nozzles can be used with old 0.2mm sets – the compatibility is perfect
  • All 0.45mm nozzle can be used with old 0.4mm sets – the compatibility is perfect



Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jeffrey Phillips
Amazing airbrush

I’ve been using perfectly good talons for years. Ending up breaking a part and decided to explore more deluxe options. This H&S is amazing! I did not know what i was missing. It turns out I was more skilled than I realized! Its very easy to clean. Thin lines are much easier to get. Trigger is very comfortable. Amazing piece of gear.

Christopher Cardino
Harder & Steenbeck NEW EVOLUTION 2024 CRPlus 2in1

Wonderful build quality and smooth trigger action. Easy cleanup. But 1) no quick-fix? Why not? Or maybe the Ultra 2024 trigger stop ring? So basically, I ould have purchased 2 Ultras with trigger motion stops for what I paid for 1 Evolution without even a quick-fix? Poor design choice. 2) The larger cup doesn't leave enough finger room between the trigger button and the cup. Some folks will have to change their style of holding an airbrush to use the Evo 2024. 3) It's heavier than it should be. I never see weight commented on in airbrush reviews. But over long painting sessions, weight is a factor. Did you ever notice that the longer you carry an object, the heavier it feels--because your muscles stretch and tire out. So starting with the lowest weight possible is important,

great airbrush

bought the 2 in 1 version. So far I've only used the .25mm needle. Works great, very smooth action. Extremely easy cleanup using appropriate cleaner- spray, backflush, repeat until liquid in cup is clear, and you're done.

Very easy to clean up!

I love it because you don’t need any tools to change the airbrush needle. It’s also very easy to clean the airbrush after your painting.

Brent Nelson
Amazing airbrush!

The absolute best airbrush I’ve ever used! Super fast shipping!