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Adjustable airbrush kit double action gravity feed

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Gravity feed double-action airbrush with adjustable trigger and air pressure.

This is entry level airbrush for someone who wants to try airbrushing for the first time or just has a very strict budget. There are a lot of airbrushes on the market which are made in China. Some of them come with fancy brand names and try to look better than others. Our opinion here at SprayGunner - if you want to get a great airbrush, check out Harder & Steenbeck, GSI Creos, or GREX. If you still have to go with lower priced segment, that's exactly what we offer with NO-NAME brand. It's hones and straight forward. Affordable airbrush from China, that means softer metals, less precision manufacturing. Similar to many other budget brands out there, so we appreciate you selecting us!

Gravity feed airbrush with 0.3mm nozzle is the most common and popular setup for variety of projects such fine art, scale modeling, miniature painting, taxidermy, cosmetics and make-up, automotive, nail art, and more. This kit comes with 0.2mm nozzle set for higher detail painting project. Replacement nozzle sets also available for additional purchase.


  • Feed Type: Gravity feed
  • Nozzle Diameter:0.2mm installed + additional 0.3mm set
  • Capacity of Fixed Cup: 9CC
  • Working Pressure: 15-50PSI
  • Double- action Trigger Air-Paint

Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Doesnt work

Second use after completely disassembling for cleaning, went to spray some paint and the brush quite literally exploded. Paint ruptured out of the stop of the reservoir everywhere and I have not seen a single person have an issue like this online anywhere. Says it has something to do with the seal around the needle. Completely worthless.

no name airbrush

I have had this airbrush over a year.. Just recently started using it on a regular basis.. Love it.. works great, Granted its not an Iwata but for the price it is an awesome airbrush..

Basilio Cabrera

This $25 cheapy ranks right under my Iwata Custom Micron! Enough said!!

Great Airbrush for the price.

This airbrush is an amazing deal it! I originally bought this as a way to see if I would like a needle and nozzle size that was so small and then to upgrade to a better one if I did like it. BUT I don't see a reason to upgrade anytime soon.

Dennis Smith
No Name airbrush

I picked up this product because I was looking for a budget airbrush to help me when I dont want to use my more expensive tools. This is a good airbrush, nice action, put out a very smooth finish. I recommend it.