PS270/PS289 Platinum

PS270/PS289 Platinum

A - Nozzle

0.2mm PS270

0.3mm PS289

B - Needle

0.2mm PS270

0.3mm PS289

C - Air cap

0.2mm PS270

0.3mm PS289

ABC - Conversion set

0.2mm nozzle set

0.3mm nozzle set

D - Needle cap PS270

E - Head

F - Trigger PS270

H - Needle packing screw with PTFE seal PS270

I - Needle spring PS270

J - Needle chuck PS270

K - Needle lock-nut PS270

L- Valve rod with o-ring PS-289

M- Air valve screw PS-289

N- Air valve spring PS289

O- Piston packing PS289

P - Lid PS270

Q - Handle PS270

S - Airbrush body

T - Spring housing PS270

V - Adapter 1/8" - PS

W - Nozzle tool

X - Head o-ring PS770



Maintenance kit

Air filter with regulator

Airbrush stand with tray