GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum

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  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum


GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy FWA Platinum Double Action 0.2mm PS-270

Airbrush made in Japan (used to be Gunze).

Double action gravity feed airbrush with needle travel adjustment and built-in air valve.

Advanced detail airbrush for modeling, illustration, and other airbrushing projects.

  • 4-part head system for perfect airflow and easy cleaning.

  • 0.2mm nozzle

  • 10 ml gravity cup

  • Handle with needle adjustment for better control

  • Air valve (MAC) for air pressure adjustment right on the airbrush

  • Air hose included.

  • Standard 1/8” connector will fit Iwata, Sparmax or Master airbrush hose, any standard 1/8” quick coupling can be used with this airbrush.


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Additional Information

Paint source:
Gravity Feed 10ml cup
Double action
Nozzle size:
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11 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 4th 2019

    Was hard choice taking this overan Iwata but I am glad I did. The price to performance just can't be matched in my honest opinion.The needle is a little on the soft side as mine bent just picking it, but did not deter me from giving 5 stars, I will be buying Creo from now on.

  • 5

    Posted by Rick on Mar 25th 2019

    Just got my PS-270 0.2MM Platinum airbrush and took it for a test ride , did some camo on a 48th scale tank and it was great.You can't beat this gun for the price,I like it better then my Harder Steenbeck the trigger movement seems a lot smoother then the HS. The balance in your hand is very nice,I like the size of the cup and the MAC valve up front is handy for adjustments.If you want a airbrush that can do pencil thin or cover an area this is the one to get.You won't regret it.It's now my go to brush.

  • 5
    PS-270 0.2mm Platinum

    Posted by Chris Silva on Mar 16th 2019

    Since I was a teenager, learning the hard way cheap isn't the way to go! So I started only purchased name brand equipment, car audio, home entertainment and so on. I've tried various airbrushes when I first started airbrushing off and on, over twenty years ago. Ultimately my favorite is the iwata line. But they can be very expensive. So a few months ago I wanted to get back into airbrushing. So I did some research to find other affordable options. And there are LOTS of them out there! But none that gave me the confidence to purchase or try! Until I came across some! GSI Creos Mr.. Hobby reviews on youtube. So I went to the web site Spray Gunner . I read the reviews and comment. One of the Key factors for me to give the GSI Creos and Spray Gunner a try was the reviews on there customer service! "helpful and quick to respond", And that is NO LIE! They have a customer for life!

    I purchased the GSI Creos Mr.. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum. I was so impressed with it that days later I had to get my hands on the GSI Creos Mr.. Airbrush Custom 0.18mm PS-770! Quality, precision and ease of use, WOW! I am looking to get others soon!
    So going back to only buying name brands! I did, with GSI Creos Mr.. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum and GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Custom 0.18mm PS-770! There is a New Player in town!

    I highly recommend these products and buying from Spray-Gunner. Great job Walt and your team! Keep up the great job and service!

  • 5

    Posted by randy on Mar 7th 2019

    awesome airbrush, perfect for painting camo on models.

  • 5
    PS-270 .2 mm

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 3rd 2019

    I own an Infinity by H&S, two Badger Renegade Kromes, a Badger Sotar 20/20, an Iwata CH-P Plus. All are very good brushes, but to my surprise after I ordered the Procon 270, it has become my favorite airbrush! It is quality, and sprays as good as any! Enuff SAID!

  • 5
    Procon Boy .2mm Airbrush

    Posted by Grant on Jul 10th 2018

    Purchased on recommendation from a trusted colleague, who got a recommendation from another trusted model-maker. This is as fine an airbrush as can be found. Silky smooth action. easy to clean. There is no reason to spend over $100 on any airbrush, as far as I am concerned. And decent service from thanks all!

  • 5
    Great brush

    Posted by Steve on Jun 11th 2018

    I just received my PS-270 last week and am really impressed with it so far. My prior airbrushes were around the same price from a different manufacturer and I find the Mr. Airbrush to be vastly superior in quality. I can confirm that the trigger tension is not adjustable as mentioned in another review, but I don't miss it. The action is smooth and it operates very well at low air pressure. This won't be my last Mr. Hobby airbrush.

  • 5

    Posted by Robby on May 22nd 2018

    Possibly the best value on the market.
    Compared to an hp-b+ for performance i found them equal. I like the non cutout handle personally better. Umm Jim, you can certainly adjust the trigger tension, same way as basically every brush. Mine came screwed in pretty tight though so you might try again....?

  • 5
    Five stars for value

    Posted by Jim on Apr 11th 2018

    I've picked up a few of these from Spraygunner. Japanese manufactured airbrush with some interesting design features for this price range. Micron-style removable head system with three air holes for good atomization, plus built in MAC valve. The airbrush performs well for fine detail. It is not light, and it has fairly solid weight. Trigger action is good but there is no tension adjustment. However, for the price it is fantastic value. You can certainly do detail work with it, and for most people the brush is probably more than their skill level requires. I also have the PS-770, which is a true Micron-style airbrush. However, this model is more than sufficient for a lot of tasks. I'd love to see them offer it with a smaller color cup. Machining is very good, as you would expect from Japanese manufacturing.

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