GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum

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  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
  • GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy PS-270 0.2mm Platinum
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GSI Creos Mr. Airbrush Procon Boy FWA Platinum Double Action 0.2mm PS-270

Airbrush made in Japan (used to be Gunze).

Double action gravity feed airbrush with needle travel adjustment and built-in air valve.

Advanced detail airbrush for modeling, illustration, and other airbrushing projects.

  • 4-part head system for perfect airflow and easy cleaning.

  • 0.2mm nozzle

  • 10 ml gravity cup

  • Handle with needle adjustment for better control

  • Air valve (MAC) for air pressure adjustment right on the airbrush

  • Air hose included.

  • Standard 1/8” connector will fit Iwata, Sparmax or Master airbrush hose, any standard 1/8” quick coupling can be used with this airbrush.


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Additional Information

Paint source:
Gravity Feed 10ml cup
Double action
Nozzle size:
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38 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Reyes A on Feb 2nd 2021

    I was looking to buy a new gravity feed airbrush and decided to try this one out as my first. To my surprise it handles really well and sprays fantastic. Couldn't have gone a better route.

  • 5
    Spray/ Handling

    Posted by Marco Aguilar on Feb 2nd 2021

    I was really excited to try out this new airbrush and also curious how it would hold up against an iwata. Really surprised at the build quality and the spray is fantastic.

  • 5

    Posted by David S Marzola on Jan 12th 2021

    Smooth action with a nice tight spray. Easy to adjustment of the pressure. Great for some detail work.

  • 5
    It will hurt your arm and blister your finger

    Posted by James Luongo on Jan 12th 2021

    Spent 8 hours with this today. My first GSI and it won’t be my last. I ran scale75 metallics diluted with glaze medium through the 0.2 with minimal trouble. Both my arm and trigger finger are sore right now - as they’ve grown far too accustomed to the frequent interruptions in typical sessions to fix the frequent clogs in the iwata.

  • 5
    Great Airbrush, Great Price

    Posted by C.J. on Dec 29th 2020

    I was looking at buying another gravity feed airbrush to add to my arsenal next to my Iwata HP-C and HP-CS. I was looking at getting either another CS or the updated HP-C Plus. But then I started seeing the name GSI Creos pop up a lot on FB groups and on Youtube with great reviews. That led me to this site. The price listed was amazing for what you get. You get a mac valve, nice spray atomization at low psi, and a smooth,precise trigger control. The HP-C Plus is almost twice the price of this unit so you get a lot of value for your money. Now, I'm looking to add the PS-289 and PS-771 as well.

  • 5
    Procon Boy PS-270

    Posted by Laurent on Dec 27th 2020

    Great airbrush of top quality.
    Great service from Spray Gunner and special thanks to Wendy who perfectly packaged my order.

  • 5
    GSI Creos Procon Boy PS-270

    Posted by STEPHEN SOLOTIST on Dec 21st 2020

    Great airbrush. My first dual action and I love it. Going to buy a second one so I can keep one clean all the time. I use it primarily for 1/35 armor models and 1/32 & 1/48 aircraft..The mac valve helps me use lower pressures and get a great finish

  • 5
    Procon Boy PS 270

    Posted by Matthew Adams on Oct 30th 2020

    I have been using an airbrush for about 6 months now and just upgraded to this one from a Iwata HP-BCS and I love how fine of detail I can spray with this brush. The control even for a new guy is fantastic. Do not hesitate to buy this it is fantastic. Ken form Spray Gunner took fantastic care of my order.

  • 5
    Rather surprising!

    Posted by waholfeld on Sep 24th 2020

    I own 3 Iwata brushes including a custom micron. The creams surprised me how well its made. Its spray as well as my Iwatas. Cleans easily and feels good in the hand. Can't beat the price for an airbrush like this.

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