The Full Finish mini-guns are a true testament to Iwata's legacy in the world of spray guns. At the heart of this collection lies the legendary Iwata HP-TH2, a marvel of engineering and precision. Designed for ultimate control and finesse, the LPH-80 is a go-to tool for professionals and hobbyists alike. Its compact size belies its immense capabilities, delivering a finely atomized spray pattern that ensures flawless finishes even on intricate details.

But the Full Finish series doesn't stop there. Iwata offers a range of mini spray guns that cater to various needs and projects. Whether it's automotive touch-ups, model painting, or fine art detailing, these mini-guns are crafted to exceed expectations. With top-notch build quality and user-friendly features, Iwata's Full Finish mini-guns empower artists to unleash their creativity with unmatched precision and reliability.