Iwata Airbrush for sale in the USA

One of the most popular airbrush brands in the USA is Iwata. They were early birds on the market, came ahead of other airbrush products from Japan and were able to become iconic brand for many. Sometimes you can find Iwata airbrush even in chain stores across the country. Most of their airbrushes made in Japan and represent a high-quality product. Wide variety of models grouped in series: Neo, Eclipse, High Performance, Hi-Line, and Custom Micron. Iwata also offers series of compressors for airbrush made in Taiwan by Sparmax (now owned my Iwata). High quality and accessibility of those airbrushes sometimes comes with a higher price tag. At this time we don't stock any new Iwata airbrushes but receive them as trade-in items quite often.

Please check our "discounted page" to see available models. Usually there are few available for purchase. We service and test all trade-in airbrushes we get. This way you can buy Iwata airbrush at a better price than new retail would be.  

We have in stock hundreds of top-quality airbrushes from other brands, please contact us if you need help to find the right one for you.

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