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Affiliate program

Hey SprayGunner’s loyal customer! If you are one, this program might be for you.

Believe it or not, SprayGunner’s quick growth from a tiny “warehouse” hidden in a closet of one of Florida’s apartments to a big commercial space happened with almost zero marketing budget. We were just focusing on doing a great job with always fresh products with best online prices, lightning-fast delivery, and industry leading customer service and you – our customers, spread the word and brought new business to us. We appreciate that a lot and we’d like to continue focusing on finding best products for you and shipping them fast. But we need your help to keep growing and now, with our new SprayGunner Affiliate Program, you can benefit from it too!

This program is meant for someone who’s using our products and ready to spread the word. Of course, we love large audiences such as YouTube channels, popular websites, or blogs, but it doesn’t stop there. Anyone who’s active on social media or specialized forums can have our affiliate link to share and make some % of generated sales.
We have an individualized approach in this program and offer from 3% up to 10%, depending on the niche you’re in and products you’re likely to promote.

Am I eligible for this program?
If you’re truly helping us to spread the word and bring NEW customers to SprayGunner – you are eligible, no matter how big or small your audience is. We just ask you not to cheat or trick us by sending the link to your friend who would order for delivery to your address or other similar “creative” ways to abuse this program. We bare the right to cancel any affiliate account if we don’t like the activity (or lack of activity) generated by the participant. * (no hard feelings, please).

How would my bonus be calculated?
We use to manage this program. You’ll find registration instructions below. Once your account been approved, you will receive access to a link generator that will make a custom affiliate link to ANY page on the website (including home page). Depending on what your account is approved for, you will receive a % of TOTAL sales made to the customer who clicked on your custom link and checked out on our website within 48 hours. That’s right, most affiliate programs out there offer only 24 hours to checkout and sometimes the decision-making process takes longer, that’s why we offer 48 hours!!

How will I get paid?
You must reach the minimum payout amount first. It’s $100. Once you’ve reached it, you will have 3 options: 1. Deposit it to your bank account. 2. Transfer to your PayPal account. 3. Get even more out of it and transfer it to your balance with a 20% bonus. Which means if you have $100 on you affiliate account and choose to transfer it to your customer account, you will have $120 to spend! If you choose to get paid via bank/PayPal account, we will request you to submit W-9 form prior to receiving your first payment so we can report it to IRS via 1099 form every tax period (once a year). 

Sounds great, how do I start?
Just click this link and start registration process.
Our teammate will review your request within 72 hours. If we can find your purchase history and identify what you do by your name and email address – most likely you will get approved right away. If we have questions, we might reach out to you to find out more about your plans for this program and how you plan to promote your link. Once your account is up and running, see this FAQ page for the next steps.
Thank you for being our awesome customer!

*Compliance with FTC Guides
Affiliate shall comply with Federal Trade Commission Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (16 Code of Federal Regulations Part 255) in connection with links to the Company’s (SprayGunner) website. In furtherance, but not in limitation thereof, Affiliate shall conspicuously disclose to customers that Affiliate is compensated for linking to the Company’s (SprayGunner) website.


** This program is something new we're testing on larger scale so please don't be surprised if it disappears from our website. That just means we were not quite happy with the outcome.