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Sparmax TC-620X

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Sparmax TC-620X Sparmax
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Air compressor TC-620X compressor by Sparmax for airbrushing.

The Sparmax TC-620X Air Compressor is the ultimate tool for airbrushing, offering unprecedented versatility and functionality. As part of our Inspire series, this compressor combines style and performance to elevate your airbrushing experience.

One of the standout features of the TC-620X is its enhanced portability and easy storage. Thanks to its lightweight metal housing, this compressor can be easily carried and stored, allowing it to seamlessly blend into your work environment. It also features a durable construction that protects the associated regulator, filter, and gauge accessories, ensuring their longevity.

With two air outlets and an accompanying air tank, the TC-620X allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in managing your workspace. The extra air outlet enables you to connect airbrushes beforehand, making it easy to switch between different airbrushes during your projects. This compressor delivers clean and stable air, ensuring precise and controlled applications.

Operating at a power outlet of 100-120V, the TC-620X boasts an impressive airflow capacity of up to 32 LPM. This is enough to supply two airbrushes simultaneously, making it ideal for professional airbrush users working on general or extended applications.

Furthermore, the TC-620X features a zero-maintenance, oil-less piston design, eliminating the need for regular oil changes and reducing maintenance costs. The mounted pressure regulator/moisture filter & gauge set on the case provides convenient access and control for your desired air pressure. The compressor also has an auto on/off feature at 40 psi/60 psi, further enhancing its ease of use.

Included with the TC-620X are two detachable airbrush holders, allowing you to securely store your airbrushes while not in use. Additionally, the compressor comes with two 3M braided hoses and a 2.5-liter air tank with a gauge, further enhancing its functionality and user convenience.

Experience the unparalleled performance and versatility of the Sparmax TC-620X Air Compressor and take your airbrushing skills to new heights. Whether you're a professional artist or a passionate hobbyist, this compressor will exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Customer Reviews

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Chuck King
Sparmax TC-620X

Ordered 9/26, it arrived in WA 10/5. A card in the box said packed by Kassie - very good, foam padding , all in great shape. From my pre-delivery mental picture I was expecting a larger size so pleasantly surprised by its compactness.

All the adverts said quiet, but quiet can be relative. I had called Spray Gunner and was told 50 db, I have California Air Tools compressore that is rated at 55 and this one is noticably quieter, so 50 db sounds about right. The on-off switch is ackward to reah if the compressor is facing you (it is in the rear) but the pressure adjustment valve and display are easy to reach and see. So far I am impressed with the unit.

Willam O'Brien
Awesome compressor but....

Had an issue with the regulator and finding a replacement was difficult and dealing with Sparmax even worse. Despite the generator I don't think I'd buy Sparmax again if only for the poor customer service from the company itself. Spraygunner has been fine about the issue -the problem is with Sparmax

Ari Ritchie
So quiet!

One of the quietest compressors I have ever used! It is also nicely sized. I do wish that they had mounted the on/off switch remotely on the top, but it's not hard to get to. Just a little inconvenient if you have the compressor under a table.

Sparmax TC-620X

This unit is a beast. And made a great replacement for a tank less compressor that easily overheated or pumped out more water than air. Construction quality of the Sparmax is high, with nicely polished fittings and gauges. Pricey but definitely worth the upgrade if you are serious about your airbrush time.

Peter Long

Excellent compressor. Very quiet and won't wake up my neighbor. Highly recommend. And also thanks Wendy packing it so nicely for shipping.