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Paasche Talon TG#2L

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Paasche Talon TG#2L Paasche
Regular price $72.00 USD
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Paasche Talon Dual Action GF Airbrush Set

This is the Talon Dual Action Airbrush from Paasche.


  • Double action, internal mix allows flexibility in regulation of color and air without stoppage
  • Ideal for custom auto graphics, fingernail airbrushing, taxidermy, graphic arts, illustrators and leather airbrushing
  • .4 oz gravity cup
  • 0.38mm nozzle set
  • Cutaway handle with pre-set needle stop
  • One year limited warranty


  • One Talon Dual Action Airbrush.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
happy costumer

1rst- i got in my hand my new PAASCHE TALON TG#2L, after 2wks, thats is a regular time,, is good for me,

2nd im happy with the job maded. pro finish, thats is good too, and

3rd, please do not stop bringing spare parts for this airbrush, in the future w e will need to renew some parts and is essential to have maintenance support, for the rest, thanks to ZacharY for the packaging work,
From Panam to MIAMI thank you Guys,,

happy costumer

*outstock* of course i got the last one :-) one week in hand and im painting so good with this paasche talon.. from Panama thanks,

Thomas Knapp

I have 2 of these of the early batches and a newer one. Unlike my my very old VL-1 (brass) and a decades newer VL-1 (junk metal and tolerences) .. I've enjoyed the Talon for years.
I does require TLC.
The only times I've had trouble with them has been a result of my own carelessness or laziness.
As long as I thoroughly clean them properly they deliver.
I use either a 2.5 or 2.0 needle and like the fine control I can get.
I have had to adjust and or replace parts and the most finiky is the air feed valve. Always fine if kept clean ,, I found the seal is especially unhappy if lacquer thinner is allowed to seep in and remain. Then it needs a tear down a nd cleaning .. like any other airbrush. More a precision instrument than a tank. Great bang for the buck.

Trout Taxidermy
Great Airbrush

This air brush is great for my fish taxidermy work. It sprays smoothly and is very easy to clean.

James Rowan
Problems right out of the box, low quality, low performance.

First off.. the air valve would not close completely ! Had to pull the valve assembly apart and remove a metal shaving from inside the rubber o-ring which was keeping it from fully closing. Not a good start.

Next problem the needle was literally pushed against the side of the nozzle as you pulled the trigger back !
Tried a second needle/nozzle set and same problem, tried re-seating the packing assembly, same problem.
Basically the rocker assembly is badly out of alignment with the nozzle, like the nozzle thread in the body was cut misaligned at an angle, so the nozzle is slightly crooked and it pushes the needle over to one side.

This results is an abysmal spray pattern.

Trying a 0.66 nozzle and cap is even worse with the tip of the nozzle resting against side of the air cap !
This means you don't have airflow around the whole of the nozzle tip, so results in unbalanced airflow and the spray pattern is useless.

Overall it a very VERY low quality brush. It might be usable for flood spraying when I do not want to setup a spraygun, otherwise it's trash can bait right out of the box.

I would say you are better off with a Badger Patriot 105 or a Harder and Steenbeck ultra, both deliver way,
way, way better results.