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NO-NAME Mini Stainless Steel UMOs

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Size: 3 UMOs
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NO-NAME Stainless Steel Mini UMOs (Unidentifiable Mixing Objects)

Available in quantities of 10, 25, 50, and 100

NO-NAME Mini stainless steel mixing objects to stir your paints before use. The UMO will move up and down when shaking the paint bottle, as well as the paint fluid to ensure that its mixed thoroughly. They are out of this world. Measure 0.232" across.

Note: Nickle in image is for scale not for sale!

Customer Reviews

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Jeff R
Tiny but so worth it

These are tiny so I would never get just 3 of them and they fit in small bottles like turbo dork 20ml bottles and testing them out in water for 3 weeks with no sign of rust of any kind.

I will be getting more.

Richard Prandoni
UMO's Fantastic

These things work great! The shape provides a much more aggressive mix than plain round balls. Worth every penny.

Ryan Kaye
Mini UMO's

They work GREAT for the intended purpose. Excellent quality for the price. Chunky paint stands no chance!!

I would recommend them to everyone who does a lot of brushing. Especially if you don't paint that often. A couple seconds of shaking and you're good to go!!

Unique mixing balls

Smaller version of the UMO. The shape of the UMO's mix paint better that simple round balls. The edge helps get pigments off the bottom of the bottles where round balls tend to just pack it down.

These things rule

Absolutely love these mixers. They blow ball bearings out of the water, mixing up thick paints and even liquid putties super fast. Theyre in literally every single liquid medium I own.