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Module construction 2 airbrush holder H&S

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Module construction 2 airbrush holder H&S Harder & Steenbeck
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Designer shaped airbrush holder, the basic version version holds two airbrushes but can be expanded indefinitely with the Harder & Steenbeck Extension For Airbrush Holder

Every module has it's own air supply for each airbrush

These following Harder & Steenbeck hoses connect the holder to your airbrush via a quick release system. The hoses are available in Clear or Braided versions

Harder & Steenbeck Hose with Quick Release to Fit Airbrush Holder

Harder & Steenbeck Braided Hose with Quick Release to Fit Airbrush Holder

If you are only connecting one airbrush/hose to the Airbrush Holder then the other outlet can be sealed off with theAirbrush Holder Blanking Plug

Fits Harder & Steenbeck and similar airbrushes.

Please note that the holder can only be connected to an air source via an airbrush quick release coupling body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Roman Barzana
Dual Airbrush Holder

Simple and elegant design that allows me to leave my Airbrushes on my desk and use them without having to crowd my work area.

Johnny Hazelwood
Works like it should

This is a heavy built stand when I purchased it i thought it was a bit expensive for a two brush holder but when I received the holder I unstood the craftsmanship put in to this stand speaks for itself definitely a great holder

Michael Kastas
Pictures don't do this holder justice

My significant other bought this for me from Amazon, and i don't think it came with a card, so Sergio this goes out to you again. Pictures DO NOT do this airbrush holder justice, it is more robust in person, and its heavy, and very elegant, I will be buying another one because this looks way better on my art table than any other airbrush holder out there. Thank you guys again, me and my wifey will always support you! Keep up the good work, merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Jason Owens
H&S Manifold Airbrush Holder

I purchased this along with a extra module so that I had three spots for my Infinity, Evolution and now my Colani. Love the setup.

Very Convenient

Ive been using this stand for over a year and havent had any problems. Since each holder has its own air feed I can run shorter hoses on each brush. Its a perfect fit for my H&S airbrushesno surprise therebut Ive found that my Grex Genesis with the silicone grip fits in it securely enough use it regularly. A bit of a surprise since the soft grip on the Genesis makes many other holders unusable.

All the fittings have been solid with no air leaks at any point. I just ordered the extension piece to add a 3rd brush.