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Mack Airbrush Cleaning Kit

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Mack Airbrush Cleaning Kit Mack
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Mack Airbrush Cleaning Kit (ACK-1)


  • 2 each #1280 4 1/2″ black bristle (double ended brushes)
  • 2 each #1276, 3″white bristle (double ended brushes)
  • 1 each #1290-S (5 brushes on ring)
  • 1 each #1230 blue metal box with 13 tip cleaners
  • 1 each #1210 – 6″ brush
  • 1 each #1225 double ended dental pick
  • 1 each #2701 6″ black nylon brush with loop on one end

This kit is contained in a 16oz polyethylene wash bottle (#1216)

Customer Reviews

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Randal Foster
Mack Airbrush CleaningKit-Wonderfull cleaning kit

I wasn't sure what to expect from some of the brushes. I was very pleasantly suprized this is by far the most complete cleaning brush set I have bought thus far. I use the Grex tritium and H and S Brush, this set has given me a great selection of brushes to get previously difficult to clean areas. The 5 black brushes on a keyring are greater quality than most brushes sold that look similar. The stiff wider diameter bristiles work great at cleaning out threaded portions for both models of brush/gun where the gravity cups are threaded. Exteremley useful for cleaning where the fluid nozzle insert threads onto the H and S.

This cleaning kit I feel has offered me the best value out of any I have ordered. The washout bottle is nice and large and allows for precise dispensing of water/cleaning solution. Time will tell how long some of the softer brushes hold up but my initial impressions are very good.I may be wrong but I also add a cheap generic soft bristle toothbrush for cleaning the outside of you're guns where the specailty shaped brushes are not required. To help preserve of other brushes service-life.

Long story short get this kit and a bottle of your go to cleaning solution and you should be good to go for quite some time.

Dave Higgins
Mack Cleaning kit

Great value!