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Harder & Steenbeck ULTRA X

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Harder & Steenbeck ULTRA X Harder & Steenbeck
Regular price $90.00 USD
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Suction feed airbrush Harder & Steenbeck ULTRA X

Buy with confidence from Harder & Steenbeck Factory Dealer in USA. You've qualified for the free service of your HS airbrush. 

0.4mm nozzle installed.

For additional purchase other nozzle sizes available: 0.2 & 0.6mm.

Made in Germany. This airbrush can become a great partner for someone in the professional high-volume painting industry, like a T-shirt artist or saloon tan application. It can also be a great starter airbrush for someone who needs larger volumes of paint sprayed. That's the strong side of siphon feed airbrush - you can quickly change colors by switching paint bottles and acquire large bottles for a long spraying session.

The quality of this product is great, despite its competitive price. All parts are made on high-precision machines and inspected by professionals in Germany. Full customer service support and parts availability in the USA from SprayGunner Team.

It's simple and missing some of the convenience options as more expensive models like Evolution or Infinity. Ultra X airbrush won't have a quick fix end piece or pinch off needle protective cap. But it's designed to deliver consistent spray results over and over again.

And if you feel like you're missing some of the options, we have good news for you. All Harder and Steenbeck airbrushes are customizable. Fine line air cap can be purchased and installed on Ultra to make it more detail-oriented airbrush.

The Nickel-coated body of ULTRA X is designed to resist most of the cleaning solutions used in the painting industry. Just stay off ammonia products since they can fade the look of the airbrush quickly.

This airbrush comes standard with QC nipple which can be paired with HS parts 104403 or 104703 Quick Coupling bases for convenience. QC nipple can be removed from the airbrush and it will have a standard 1/8" connector same as most of the brands our there so it's easy to find an air hose for Ultra!

If you still have questions regarding this product, feel free to reach out! SprayGunner's team of experienced painters and airbrush enthusiasts are always responsive and willing to help you make the right choice for your needs!

Buy with confidence from Harder & Steenbeck Factory Dealer in the USA. You've qualified for the free service of your HS airbrush.

As an official factory dealer of Harder & Steenbeck airbrushes, we're proud to offer their 24-months limited manufacturer warranty. This warranty ensures that your Harder & Steenbeck airbrush is protected against defects in materials and workmanship for twenty-four months from the date of purchase.

Warranty Coverage:

  • Covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.
  • Includes repair or replacement of defective parts.

Warranty Exclusions:

  • Does not cover damage from misuse, improper maintenance, or normal wear and tear.
  • Consumable parts like needles and nozzles are not covered unless defective from manufacturing.

How to Claim:

  • Contact us with proof of purchase to initiate a warranty claim.
  • We will guide you through the process, including potential evaluations by an authorized service center.

Additional Support:

  • Full service and factory warranty repairs for all Harder & Steenbeck airbrush models are available through us.
  • No matter if it's a warranty case or off-warranty repair, SprayGunner, as a Factory Dealer of Harder & Steenbeck, will not charge any labor costs. Only replacement parts costs (if not a warranty case) and shipping charges.

SprayGunner Return Policy for Harder and Steenbeck Airbrushes

30-Day Hassle-Free Returns:
SprayGunner offers a 30-day hassle-free return policy for all Iwata airbrushes. Customers can return the product for any reason within this period for a full refund or exchange, with no questions asked. Just send us a message to

Extended Returns for Store Credit:
For returns initiated within 60 days after delivery, customers can choose to receive their refund as a store credit, offering additional flexibility.

Return Shipping:

  • For customers in the lower 48 states: SprayGunner provides free return shipping, making the process easy and cost-effective.
  • For customers outside the lower 48 states, including overseas: Customers are responsible for obtaining a return shipping label. These can be purchased through local carriers or directly from SprayGunner.

This policy ensures that purchasing an Iwata airbrush from SprayGunner is a risk-free and customer-friendly experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
dakota cox
great purches

this is a great siphon feed airbrush, even though it does not come with a bottle is sprays wonders and easy to use. the only downside I would say it can be a little harder to clean than gravity.

Laura Ruacho
Ultra Airbrush

Im new to airbrushing. The crew at Spraygunners was fantastic and very helpful. Im using the ultra for miniature painting. Its really comfortable and easy to use. I used it for priming, but also tried my hand at blending and shading. Very user friendly. I highly recommend this airbrush.